The Heights: major expansion in 2018-2020


A major expansion is planned for The Heights, in Richmond Heights, including a totally new library, a reconfigured pool, new features for kids, and new, dedicated spaces for activity rooms.

Construction is planned to run from 2018 to 2020. They’ll try to keep it open as much as possible, they say in the video below, courtesy of Double Zoot Creative.


  1. If RH has too much money, then they should contribute to Maplewood’s skatepark plan, which is grossly underfunded. After all, RH residents will use the park.

  2. My opinion is that it’s not adequate as is. It’s often way too crowded. This expansion is well overdue and I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping they expand the exercise area greatly.

  3. First a perfectly good baseball stadium was replaced by an inferior one and now this. I hope this project is put off for whatever reason for 5 or 10 years because the facility is quite adequate as is. If the city has too much money, let them donate it to a less fortunate community. But of course that’s absurd.


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