The Winks: a rock band that calls Maplewood home


The Winks is a musical group that calls Maplewood home. “From the heart of St. Louis, MO, where the echoes of rock legends resonate through time, emerges a trio that’s breathing new life into the timeless sound of rock and alternative music,” the group says.

The Winks sent this to 40 South about them:

Welcome to the vibrant world of The Winks, whose music encapsulates a blend of pop punk, power pop, and classic rock & roll. With emotionally charged lyrics that traverse the depths of heartbreak, addiction, and resilience, The Winks invite you to join them on a sonic journey that’s as gritty as it is melodic.

Dillon and Calvin rent a house in Maplewood together, which has become our rehearsal space and band headquarters. Before moving into the house last year, Dillon lived on Bellevue, across the street from Encapsulated Studios, where the band would rehearse. Encapsulated is also where we recorded our EP Green Eyes, where we will record our next release and where we print our t-shirts. Dillon works there part-time in the print department.

We love Maplewood for its diversity, quality of local food, art and welcoming atmosphere. We’re often at The Crow’s Nest, which is a cool and inviting place to get great food. Maplewood Deli and Coffeehouse is Dillon’s favorite coffee shop in St. Louis to catch up with friends, work, or get some reading done. St. Louis Kitchen has some of the best Chinese food in the area, Mellow Disc Golf is a great spot with very cool people, and Bouffant Daddy is where Dillon gets his hair cut, because he loves the wonderfully inclusive atmosphere for everyone that walks in the door.
Our frontman Dillon – a huge fan of Green Day, The Beatles, The Band and The Replacements, all of which are influences in our music – started the band in 2015 and it’s gone through a few lineup changes since then – at one point going on an extended hiatus – until forming into the band we are today, in 2022. Our members are:
  • Dillon Dunnagan – Front and center, Dillon commands the stage with his compelling vocals and electrifying guitar riffs. His lyrical prowess delves deep into the human experience, revealing raw emotions and personal battles.
  • Calvin Hintz – On the bass and backing vocals, Calvin anchors the band with his break-neck grooves and harmonious support. His sonic contributions provide the backbone to our distinct sound.
  • Alex Ward – Behind the drum kit, Alex brings the rhythm and energy that propels the band’s music to new heights.
With this lineup, we’ve done some pretty exciting things so far:
  • Released our EP Green Eyes (recorded at Encapsulated Studios in Maplewood)
  • Opened for national touring acts The Methadones, Teenage Bottlerocket and The Raging Nathans
  • Headlined at Diamond Music Hall and Platypus, played at T1 Festival at Reggies (Chicago) and Beat Kitchen (Chicago), and opened at Pop’s
  • We’re rehearsing consistently and writing new music for our next big release
The Winks will be putting on a show at Blueberry Hill Duck Room, ROCK ‘N ROLL NIGHT!, April 6 at 8pm.
Four local rock bands will be performing including ourselves, with genres ranging from punk to classic rock, funk rock to alternative.



Dillon Dunnagan
Dillon Dunnagan
Calvin Hintz
Alex Ward



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