Tobacco shop considers Maplewood move


The shop, HSB Tobacconist (6364 Delmar Boulevard, University City) is leaving it the Loop, blaming falling revenue due and a landlord’s demands, the the Riverfront Times reports.

Jessica Bueler, whose father founded the tobacco shop in 1972 told the RFT she had been under a payment plan with landlord Joe Edwards. The recent trolley construction hurt foot traffic.

As a result she had stopped paying her rent. She said told the RFT she owes Edwards about $30,000. She didn’t return his calls, saying there’s nothing to talk about.

She received a certified letter in January demanding she either pay the full amount or vacate by February 28. She chose to pull out.

The demand came too fast to find a new place, so for now the contents of the shop are in storage. She told the RFT she’s thinking of relocating to Maplewood or Dogtown.


  1. I’m outraged at the fact that they are putting cancer causing tobacco right at the feet of our children. I’m also outraged about something else too.

  2. Edwards and his stupid trolley to his front door, courtesy of the tax payers, wipes out a small business. Nice…


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