‘Brentwood’ to be removed from dealership name in Maplewood


A staff member of the city of Maplewood’s public works department convinced the former Volvo Cars Brentwood to remove ‘Brentwood’ from the exterior of its building, soon to be renovated.

The dealership, at 7700 Manchester Road in Maplewood, is undergoing renovations to its interior and exterior. The exterior design was approved, minus ‘Brentwood,’ by the Design and Review Commission in May. It began in Brentwood but moved to Maplewood approximately than 20 years ago.

The building east of the current showroom will become a separate showroom for luxury cars; it’s now being worked on. When finished it will temporarily serve as the showroom and sales offices while the main building is renovated.

Eventually ‘Brentwood’ will no longer be on the Volvo dealership in Maplewood.
The approved exterior of the Volvo dealership in Maplewood.
The rear building will eventually be a separate showroom for luxury cars.
Rendering of the finished luxury showroom.


  1. This is when provincial meets parochial. One more reason to get rid of the 80+ municipalities in St. Louis County.

  2. Since it is on Manchester Road, could they name it Manchester Volvo even though the city of Manchester is miles away and the name might confuse or cause righteous indignation be some people?

  3. Actually it was a MO Sec of State registered business entity and IRS name, Brentwood Volvo, LTD., independent of where it was. Along with Manchester Leasing, BV Ltd, merged into Feld Chevrolet in 1990. In 2009 Feld Chevrolet was administratively dissolved by the State of Missouri for failing to maintain its agent. However, presumably it was part of or taken over by Feld Leasing and Sales which is a current MO corporation in GOOD standing with the state of MO. There are five ficticious names that include the words Brentwood volvo.

  4. I always assumed that Brentwood Volvo was named Brentwood because of its location on Brentwood Blvd., rather than the City of Brentwood. Toward the end of its tenure on Brentwood Blvd., the dealership sold Ferraris as well as Volvo’s. It’s my understanding that Brentwood Volvo quit handling Ferraris once Volvo threatened to enforce a clause in its contract that the dealership could only sell Volvo’s. Given the diversity of cars now parked in front of the dealership, it’s not obvious (to me anyway) what brand of cars it currently sells. (Of course, the dealership is probably no longer bound by an exclusivity agreement with Volvo).

  5. It doesn’t sound like they needed to be convinced of anything. If the Design and Review said “no” then that was the way it would end up regardless of what they wanted.

  6. Didn’t it used to be in Richmond Heights in front of the Galleria? This was back in the mid-late 80s before the Galleria expanded.

  7. Why not call it Maplewood Volvo? Oh, I get it, not enough cache as “Brentwood” former home of O.J. Simpson and other celebs.

  8. It’s sad that they had to be convinced to change the name or at least drop it from the building. For a company that has been fully aware of where downtown Ballwin is, they sure are clueless about where Brentwood is.

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