Ways St. Louis Businesses Are Successfully Adapting To Covid-19


Up to 40% of small businesses in major U.S. cities risk closing permanently, Small Biz Trends reports. In St. Louis, 38% of small businesses report having less than one month’s worth of cash, while roughly 11% say they have just one week’s worth of cash available. Nevertheless, a number of local businesses are successfully adapting to the changes brought on by the pandemic.

Switch to digital

Online sales have now increased by 43% across the country, per Adobe Analytics. Businesses are increasingly expanding their online operations to accommodate the increase in digital shopping. In order for St. Louis businesses to stand out online, web design is of prime importance. In fact, 75% of shoppers use website design the barometer of how professional and trustworthy a business is. High-quality website design is a significant investment that pays off in increased website hits and sales. St. Louis businesses can use a web design price calculator to get an instant quote on how much their desired web design will cost — whether it’s custom-made or template-based.

Outdoor seating

Juanita’s Creole Soul Cafe on Meramec Street (only a 15-minute drive from Richmond Heights) now offers solely outdoor seating to patrons. After recently reopening, restaurant owner, Curtis McCann says his colorful patio is attracting customers eager to try his unique blend of southern and St. Louis cuisine. “They love the food and the customer service,” McCann says. In fact, according to McCann, his sales have remained steady even though customers are prohibited from eating inside.

Flexible hours

“The pandemic has really made businesses think about their operations in a more critical, in-depth way”, says Carla Diaz, co-founder of St. Louis-based company, Broadband Search. Their remote employees are now able to set their own hours and create their preferred work/life balance in a home setting. Employees discuss their hours with their managers, set weekly goals, and regularly keep managers updated on their progress. As a result, employees can adequately manage their unique home lives while staying as productive as possible. “We’ve even seen improvement in not only how much work is being produced, but the quality of work, as well. It’s certainly something to think about in terms of business structure for the post-pandemic world”, says Diaz.

It’s essential St. Louis businesses adapt their practices as the nation continues to endure Covid-19. Facilitating online sales, outdoor seating, and flexible work hours are some of the main ways local businesses are continuing to thrive.







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