Big boom wakes Maplewood


Anyone sleeping within blocks of Manchester Road and Marshall Avenue a little before 6 a.m. Tuesday was probably awakened by a boom that echoed through the neighborhood.

photoSeen in Maplewood (@seeninmaplewood) tweeted, “There was a huge boom at 5:52 am. The whole #mplwd pd & fd are over by Dominoes and I can see flames licking above Citizens. Whats going on?”

Steve Jawor, owner of Great Harvest Bakery (7360 Manchester), ran out to the street when he heard the boom. “The flames were 20 feet high,” he said.

The driver of a semi-truck making a delivery of organic goods to Foundation Grounds (7298 Manchester Road) said a tire blew when it caught on fire. Later it was determined that the truck’s cooling unit had caught on fire, though the chain of events isn’t clear.

According to Foundation Grounds (@foundationgrnds) on Twitter, “The word on the streets is that it blew a tire and caught the freezer on trailer on fire.”

Jared Williamson (@Jaredbrewbass), a Schlafly Bottleworks brewer on his way to work, also tweeted there was a fire, and included photos of the burned truck.

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Maplewood police and fire closed the 7300 block of Manchester for about an hour while the fire was doused and the truck removed.

Foundation Grounds never got its delivery, according to a barrista later in the morning.

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