Brentwood, MRH kids vote Democratic

Hillary Clinton won big in a mock election held at Brentwood and Maplewood Richmond Heights schools.

When citizens voted on November 8, Brentwood and MRH students voted also, in a mock election through Kids Voting Missouri, an affiliate of Kids Voting USA. The Democrats were the winners across the board at the schools

All levels voted at MRH. Only middle school students voted at Brentwood.



See complete ballot results from Kids Voting Missouri:

20 thoughts on “Brentwood, MRH kids vote Democratic

  1. Bravo to both of you. That’s how more people should be. I’m so thoroughly disgusted by all the attacks from politicians against their opponents. Because of all the negative advertising I have no faith in many of the people who were elected.

  2. I’d just like to mention that yesterday I had a chance meeting with a woman who voted directly opposite to my vote in the presidential election. I asked if we could discuss it? She said yes, and we talked for a good half hour, still differing in many of our views, but with respect and consideration for each other. We can’t hate each other; we must have pertinent discussion. We cannot have another civil war in this great country of ours.

  3. The teachers union is overwhelmingly democratic. If you want to see outstanding schools in our poorest neighborhoods, start issuing school vouchers. Amazing how competition increases quality.
    For us in Brentwood and Maplewood we are very fortunate to have our schools, sad to say not all children are so blessed.

  4. It’s not too surprising that the kids voted Democratic. Both Maplewood and Brentwood are in heavily-Democratic St. Louis County. Look at these results from the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissionars:

    When you were a child weren’t you heavily influenced by your parents political views? Most kids are. I know I was. I thought my dad should be president. He seemed to know everything. It was only years later that I began making up my own mind.

  5. Nice job kids. You must have seen some of those infamous debates.

    As for this country, at least half of it has lost its mind…

  6. how were the election results explained to the kids? i would start with story of Daniel and the lions–perceived power vs. a deeper, True Power

  7. Kids Voting Missouri is a state-wide program, and I’d be willing to bet almost every state had their own version last week. It’s an EXCELLENT civics lesson. My kids are in this district. They learned about elections, citizen’s rights and responsibilities, and so on, and they came home excited to tell me all about it. Parents received communications from the school stating that the kids would be learning about these things, but that the particulars of today’s candidates and issues would not be discussed in school. Probably, this was more possible in my kids’ kindergarten and 2nd grade classes than it would have been in middle and high school, where the kids are talking about today’s issues on their own anyway. I remember the first time I did the very same mock-election exercise in school as a kid. Carter and Ford were on the ticket! And we did it every four years after that, as elections are a relevant and important educational opportunity for children in all democratic nations. These kids are not brainwashed, but their politics (surprise) probably largely reflect the politics of their own household, especially the younger the kids are. Is it brainwashing when a Christian family takes the kids to church every week? We all try to teach our kids the values that we think are right and just.

  8. Harold Stamp,
    It was a civics lesson, not a political rally. The kids were voting, just like you (hopefully) did last week.

  9. Not a surprise. I’m sure a number of the kids voted similar to what their parents would vote. I hope when they are of voting age they will vote.

  10. Wow. Such vitriol over a mock kids’ election with no real-world effect! It was basically part of a civics lesson for the kids — as in teaching kids how to vote and how important it is to vote. No need to set your hair on fire, folks. Besides, the brainwashing machines aren’t at the school. Duh! That’d be too obvious. Everyone knows they’re sneaking mind-control microchips into everyone with flu vaccinations.

  11. My tax dollars at work !! What a waste of time and money! Looking at the kids over 18, only 17% voted on Nov 8th. The rest of them were hiding under their beds with mom & dad just in case the sky fell. They will be OK, just give them a safety pin, get them a dog, and build a room on their house with 5 locks on the door so the bad people don’t get in. I have been told a lot of people are for open borders. You don’ t want to be a hypocrite in front of your kids, so please remove ALL the locks on the doors of your home and your cars. Just let who ever wants to come in, in. This will show the poor kids under the beds you walk the walk and talk the talk! We must give half of what we have with who ever just walks in. I just hope they don’t sit in your favorite chair and you end up on the floor. Just like our GOVERMENT has failed us, the schools are trying to be just like them. Thank God for private schools!!!!

  12. >brainwashed by their ultra liberal schools and parents

    No, that’s because they don’t want someone in the nation’s highest office who shows such disrespect for the disabled, for women, and for minorities

    • I’m sure they are influenced by their parents’ views, most children are, although I do know of a few kids that voted differently than their parents. But influence isn’t “brainwashing,” Bill. If they had voted Republican would that have been because of brainwashing? The results might also represent the fact that all of their votes counted, unlike the in the actual election, wherein one candidate got more votes and the other candidate won the election.

      • Seymour, you need to go back to school and learn how our government works. Spoken like a true Uber liberal.