21-year-old game designer has Kickstarter for new game


T.J. Hughes, a young game designer who lives in Maplewood, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund his newest game. He’s well into his $25,000 goal.

Maplewood resident, Bill Perry (author of Road Trip), told 40 South about Hughes: “T.J. is a beautiful guy, a brilliant young kid, only 21 years old, who is trying to start his own business. He lives about two blocks from me, and is a long-time friend of my son.”

The game is called NOUR, and is all about food. You can see the game at T.J.’s Kickstarter posting at: http://kck.st/2jELNeO

So far he’s raised $14,000 out of his goal of $25,000, with 543 backers.

Perry said Hughes developed his first game, Feesh (available through Steam) at the age of 16. He formerly worked at Happy Badger, a game company previously located at Sutton and James in Maplewood. That company had to downsize, and now T.J. splits his time between whatever will pay the rent, and his own creative projects, such as NOUR.

From the Kickstarter for TJ Hughes game, NOUR.



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