7 Foot Maplewood Spectre Grew 3 Feet in 6 Blocks


If your plans for Halloween tend to focus on the normal rather than the paranormal, here is a past event you might wish to consider.

Luke Havel who is getting the Maplewood Heritage Society website up and running recently brought back to my attention an article I had first learned of a few years ago from Rachelle L’Ecuyer, our Community Development director.

First published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on June 1,1910 the article describes how two, no doubt reputable, citizens walking on Manchester around midnight were startled to witness a seven foot tall spectre of a woman in a flowing white robe.

Turning south on Setton (sic) with the two ghostbusters close behind, she moved speedily and soundlessly to the Missouri Pacific Railroad tracks. Apparently unconcerned with her two watchers she waited about five minutes as if for a train.

Now here is where the story gets strange. The two observers reported that by the time she reached the tracks she had become at least ten feet tall. I’ll have to admit, I’m skeptical. Who ever heard of a seven foot spectre growing three feet in only six blocks?

Oblivious to the two adventurers on her tail, the spectre next turned on Greenwood and disappeared into the darkness thirteen blocks later.

This adventure occurred on a Monday. Declared a “sure-enough ghost” by the “authorities”, the Maplewood Police Dept. in an attempt to put the community at ease spent Tuesday night trying to capture the spectre. Spectres being notoriously difficult to handcuff, they were unsuccessful but they did catch a glimpse of her.

So Maplewood Trick or Treaters as you make your rounds, be wary of someone in a flowing white robe. Especially if they’re seven feet tall and you can see right through them.
Maplewood Spectre
Happy Halloween. Doug Houser