Artwork vandalized in Maplewood


The sculpture of a woman/book case — ‘Words into Dreams’ — in front of The Book House, 7352 Manchester Road in Maplewood, was apparently vandalized Thursday night. An employee, Mark Gould, found her in pieces when he arrived Friday morning.

He said parts were removed and replaced randomly. For instance a Barbie Doll’s head was removed and moved. The book store filed a report with Maplewood Police.

The artist, Jewell McGhee, said it’s been on the street for about a year and this is the first time something to this extent has happened to it. She estimates the repair will cost up to $1,000. The Book House is helping raise that. Gould said several customers have asked how they could help.

The sculpture was valued at $5,000, and is the property of McGhee; she had loaned it to The Book House. McGhee has a Patreon website for donations.

‘Words into Dreams’ was found in pieces in front of The Book House Friday morning.
Artist, Jewell McGhee, picks up the pieces.


  1. That is so horrible! So sorry! I loved that sculpture. I just saw it this Thursday during the day.
    =( I can relate. My Stl250 Compton Hill Water Tower Cake was stolen one year ago today. FOX2 NEWS reported it LIVE. I had gifted the cake back to the Water Tower Preservation Society. It was going to be on permanent display there. The Society was going to anchor it down, to prevent theft. People actually saw two men taking it on a Saturday morning in broad daylight to their older model green & black Chevy/Ford truck parked on Russell and put it in their vehicle and drive away. They walked it all the way across the park there and it had those sandbags in it. Whew! People didn’t think anything of it because it was when the cakes were being picked up after the auction etc… The cake had been on display for over a year too!

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    • Yes, using a common phrase to describe someone that only joins the conversation to correct someone on the usage of words speaks very loadly of my character.

    • You wanna know what speaks characters of people? Getting on here and typing in that someone shouldn’t leave expensive art on the street. Then another person getting on here and correcting someone’s spelling when the real fact of the matter is this artical is about the damage to the art. Yep I made a spelling mistake, yep I caught it later, but didn’t care enough to get back on here and correct it. But I do care enough to get back on here and tell you how petty it is to correct someone’s spelling. Maybe my phone autocorrected it, maybe I type to fast on my phone and hit wrong keys, maybe I just can’t spell, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The fact that you got off subject just to correct my spelling shows how petty you are.

  3. Sad to hear this. Just goes to show you how many folks today have no respect for other peoples property. I hope they catch the vandals and make them pay for it.

  4. Why would you leave something valued at $5,000 out on the street overnight? I realize the point is that no one should destroy anyone else’s property, but these are not “the old days” in Mayberry when you could leave your doors unlocked.

  5. When a thief steals my television, he now owns a television.
    When a vandal destroys something, what does he have ?

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