Maplewood mayoral candidate, Barry Greenberg, expands agenda


This is the literature that I have been handing out since I began gathering signatures last year. Now that I am again making the rounds and talking to Maplewood residents, I would like to expand my agenda items on assisting seniors to also include people with disabilities.

The environment and the services we provide should accommodate and support citizens with physical and mental limitations. As I speak with Maplewood residents, inclusion for ALL people has been a popular issue expressed that I strongly agree with and it is part of what makes Maplewood great.


  1. Hey Councilman Greenberg; do you think you could move into the city of St. Louis And run for mayor there? Pretty pretty please?!?!?! I live in the city, my child goes to a Brentwood school (St. Mary Magdalen) and if I lived in Maplewood, you would definitely have my vote. Good Luck!!!

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