Brentwood congregation gives to repair Maplewood vandalism


Pastor Will Hanke, of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, in Brentwood,  stopped by the Book House at 7352 Manchester Road, on Thursday to give the owner a big check.

A sculpture in front of the shop was vandalized on March 2. The artist, Jewell McGhee, said the cost to repair it would be about $1,000. Pastor Hanke gave the Book House a check for $565 to help repair it.

Pastor Will Hanke and Book House employee Dave Simmons on Thursday, when Hanke delivered the check.

Hanke said Friday that sometimes there’s a need, and (fighting) vandalism is one of them. “I saw the news on and saw it as a perfect opportunity to help the community, and to tell people like the Book House we care about them,” he said. “We don’t see people going to church as much and we need to reach out more to our community, which the Bible taught us years ago, and continues to teach us,” he said.

Hanke said the contributions came from church members and others in the community who wanted to help.

Book House owner Michelle Barron said the $565 will go to the artist, Jewell McGhee, who hopes to have it repaired in time for the Let Them Eat Art event in Maplewood on July 14.

The vandalized sculpture


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