Brentwood clarifies law: no to short term rentals


At its meeting on Monday the Brentwood Board of Aldermen made it clear. City code previously had not stated specifically that short term rentals were not allowed in the city. Now it does.

The city officials voted unanimously to clarify the wording in an ordinance to keep short term rentals out of the city, prohibiting residents in any zoned area, including condominiums, from operating an Airbnb business or any short term rental out of their home. A short term rental is defined by the city as less than 30 days.

Alderman David Dimmitt, who pointed out he had been on the planning zoning commission for ten years before being elected alderman, said there’s a reason for zones: “residential areas are for people to live, permanently,” he said. Not on other city official disagreed.

Also, Mayor Chris Thornton announced that the city, through the work of the public safety committee and the Brentwood School District have reached an agreement to fund a full-time school resource officer for the school district.

Thornton also said the new construction approved by the passage of Proposition P is in the design phase and that most of the project would completed in summer 2019. A new library, updated high school gym, secure entrances, and a new middle school entrance leading to a commons area are in the plan. See more information here.