Neighbors complain about car lot: racing cars, blocked drives


A resident of Blendon Place, on the border of Maplewood and St. Louis city, complained on Facebook about the Vogue used car lot at Blendon and Manchester, which came under new ownership in March.

She said part of the street is in Maplewood and part in St. Louis city.

“It’s complete chaos,” she said. “They race down the street (test drives & porters), they park really close and semi-block driveways, they park in front of the bus stop on Manchester thus blocking any view for any vehicle to turn left onto Manchester. (It’s hazardous, come take a look).”

She said she and  several other neighbors have talked with the management, but to no avail. She wanted to know whether to talk to Maplewood or St. Louis city — from the Maplewood city zoning map, the car lot and south end of Blendon is in St. Louis.

An employee of the lot reached on Thursday disputed the remarks: “I haven’t heard of any incidences,” she said. “We don’t block anyone’s driveway. We do not race around the neighborhood.”


  1. I work and live not too far away. While I don’t know that it’s the car lot, there have been large amounts of trucks and cars speeding down Manchester. Lots of revving as well that I can hear while sitting in my house.

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