Construction firm offers free car washes (for some)


Brentwood and Richmond Heights residents living near the building site of multi-family housing between Eager Road and Highway 64/40 are being offered recompense for putting up with construction dirt in the air.

Brentwood Mayor Chris Thornton and Richmond Heights Mayor Jim Beck have been talking with Holland Construction — the building contractor — on how they can help affected residents during the construction, according to a press release coming from both cities. The mayors asked Holland Construction to offer car wash coupons.

The Brentwood Administrator’s Office will distribute the car wash coupons to affected residents. Brentwood City Hall is at 2348 S. Brentwood Boulevard. The car wash is Brentwood Car Wash, at 2701 Breckenridge Industrial Court.

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  1. Once my lease is up I’m getting the hell away from this as I live right on Eager and the noise and dirt starts daily at 7am.

    • Lol. Oops. Didn’t mean it that way but rather that the intitial problems started so long ago, the government and construction response so slow and hidden that we’ve already suffered through almost a year of filthy front porches and the inability to keep north facing windows open in good weather. The layers of daily dirt on our cars is at least an issue with a resolution.

  2. Thank goodness. I was the one who first asked Doug to look into this and I’d seen some Brentwood press release mentioning car washes but could not find it anywhere on the Brentwood city site. I work from home in IT and our cars are subject to all the daily traffic from directly across the gravel lot. Many of the other cars on my street are away during work hours but our cars get coated; the street cleaners kick up a moist fog that only cements in the dirt. I’ve been planning on taking a quick video of how the caked dirt buildup scrapes away when I get in my car and run one swipe of the wiper blades.

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