Crime led last week


Unfortunately crime led the list of top posts last week. Also in the top five: Brentwood Mayor Chris Thornton’s committee appointments and the good news that a Richmond Heights couple bought Woodside.

  1. Mugging with a hammer in Maplewood, resident says
  2. Vandals shatter car windows, leave valuables untouched
  3. Brentwood officials approve committee appointees; diversity, family tie concerns
  4. Police arrest, charge hammer mugging suspect
  5. Richmond Heights couple buys Woodside
  6. Workers uncover old sign
  7. Apartment building removed from agenda; infill houses approved
  8. MRH hires ECC assistant principal
  9. Firefighters fight house fire, summer heat; dog, cat die
  10. A house is demolished: ‘cycle of life’ police chief says


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