Design and Review Board has issues with proposed changes in flipper: porch size, painted brick


Before conducting business as the Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission, the same group served in its function as the Design and Review Board. Among other considerations the board looked at proposed changes to 7415 Elm Avenue, which is being rehabbed.

The company Beyond Housing is rehabbing the house to flip, and wanted approval for their front porch design — the new one being smaller than the original. The representative of the company said the reasoning was that the residents would use the back door more than the front, so the front porch wasn’t as important.

The board disagreed. Member Dana Valenti said the front porch is important because it connects the residents with the street and neighbors. She said she could imagine the owner spending afternoons there. Board member Sean O’Gorman agreed that he wanted the front of the house to be “part of the street.”

They also agreed that a fabric roof for the porch, which was planned, looked cheap and commercial, though they realized expense was a consideration.

The company had also planned to “white wash” the front of the house, saying it would cover an uneven appearance of the bricks. Members of the board disagreed, saying that painting brick homes is a trend, and advised against it.

7415 Elm Avenue as it looks now, with the original porch removed and work begun for a new one.
7415 Elm Avenue in its original state, with a full porch.
The planned porch for 7415 Elm Avenue, with the board had issues with.




  1. Why in the heck did they tear off that porch in the first place? It doesn’t look to be too bad???? I have seen some atrocities happening in our neighborhood as of late, it has to stop. I cannot imagine what a “fabric roof” would look like over this porch. Garbage.


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