Developer and mayor talk about senior housing project on mayor’s front porch


Developer Chad Hartle, who didn’t show up at last week’s Historic Preservation Commission meeting to present his senior housing project at the current Immaculate Conception site, talked with Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg on Greenberg’s front porch for about an hour since missing the meeting, Greenberg said in the Tuesday city council meeting. Hartle said he didn’t come to the meeting last week because of a miscommunication within his company. Greenberg said he wasn’t expecting the visit at his house.

He said he wanted Hartle to understand the process he will have to go through with the city to be able to proceed with the project—which would require the demolition of the Immaculate Conception school building.

The process, as Greenberg described it after the meeting, involves first getting the demolition permit, then going through Planning and Zoning to change the zoning, then to City Council to approved P&Z’s recommendation, then finally to Design and Review, with public input at every step. Greenberg said Hartle described the process as having a bit of a “headwind.”

Greenberg said he wants there to be as much public input as possible, and for everyone to hear what Hartle has to say. He also said the Maplewood commissions and city council could be influenced by public opinion.

He said Hartle now has three weeks—before the next Historic Preservation Commission meeting—to consider if he wants to proceed. And if he again doesn’t show up again at a meeting where he is expected, he can expect the demolition permit to be denied.

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