Maplewood commission to vote on demolition of Immaculate Conception building


The Maplewood Design & Review Board and Historic Preservation Commission on Thursday is set to vote on demolishing the building at 7240 Anna Avenue, which contains a gymnasium and rooms rented to artists on the Immaculate Conception Church property.

Developer Chad Hartle of RCH Development has submitted the demolition approval request for the building. Hartle says in the application that financing for the 42-bedroom senior housing project is contingent on the demolition. It is currently owned by the St. Louis County Catholic Church Real Estate Corporation according to real estate records.

The Historic Preservation Commission’s decision is final under most circumstances. It doesn’t go on to the City Council.

The meeting will be at 7:30 PM this Thursday in the firehouse training room (rear entrance of the building) and there will be a public forum. Historic Preservation Commission agenda 5-9-24

Hartle presented his plan for senior housing on the property to the City Council in February.

See also, article by Doug Houser: Maplewood History: The Immaculate Conception Parish

The building was the original parish building.
A current photo of the building.
Evening activity in the gym on Monday, May 6, 2024.
The gym was used for a fund-raiser earlier this year.


  1. Why does this have to be an either/or situation? While I support the idea of affordable housing, and certainly for older residents, why raze a historic building if there are other options? Seems short-sighted and lacking in creativity.

    The Immaculate Conception buildings aren’t the only possible place in Maplewood for something like this. The school building is beautiful and old, rich with history. How sad that all of that would be lost.

    “We are the only country in the world that trashes its old buildings. Too late we realize how very much we need them.”
    Jackie Kennedy

  2. How will the current owners be paid for this acquisition? Is it, in fact, for sale? Who negotiates with the current owners on behalf of Maplewood? Has an offer been made?

    • According to the revised agenda there WILL be a public forum. Also, the meeting will be this Thursday at 7:30 at the firehouse.

  3. We have affordable housing in Maplewood. We need to hold the owners of these complexes to higher standards. The IC school building is already being put to use and it could be, with planning and work an asset to a all of the citizens of Maplewood. I could be come an outstanding community center, a senior center, an affordable daycare center where our students could intern. It could be a central location where all of our wonderful and caring neighborhood groups such as Maplegood, Salvation Army, IC Food Pantry stc. could join together under the watchful eye of our city social worker to create a center to aid our citizens in need. There are so many things that could be developed there to bring so much to our citizens.

  4. I understand that the cost to “keep” the building may be prohibitive, BUT Wilkenson ? and Dewey School were rehabbed for living areas…Thus keep the gym and kitchen for Bingos, dances, trivia, events..

  5. Walkable Maplewood is the perfect place for senior housing and I would to put my name on the list right now. Affordable senior apartments are few and far between. I have several friends who are in real need for apartments that they can afford right now — single women who had modest jobs all of their lives need a place with some supports.

  6. The developer also wants the adjacent church parking lot. With out that parking lot, the church itself will be very hard to sell as there is virtually no street parking in that area.

  7. kind of oxymoron: The Maplewood Design & Review Board and Historic Preservation Commission voting to demolish a historic building. An affordable building to rent for small clubs, is going under the wrecking ball. So sad.

  8. Who has decided that Maplewood needs senior housing? Maplewood is flooding in multifamily buildings, many already on the north and south side of the property. The cart is so far in front of the horse here can’t even see the horse. What about a park? If Maplewood needs anything, it’s green space. And what about the Church, aren’t going to separate the Church from the school. Who is going to guarantee the mega bucks that it’s going to require to maintain that beautiful structure?


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