Dollar Tree armed robbery attempt unsuccessful, police seeking suspect


On Monday at 9:21 p.m., Maplewood police officers responded to Dollar Tree in Deer Creek Plaza for a reported armed robbery, the police department reports.

A man showed a firearm and demanded money from an employee. The robbery attempt was unsuccessful, and the man fled before police arrived.  The investigation is ongoing.

Maplewood Police supplied this description of the suspect:

– Black male
– Approximately 6 feet tall
– Approximately 30-45 years of age
– Medium to stocky build
– Black/brown ski mask
– Wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt
– Gray sweat pants
– Wearing black leather gloves
– Carrying a large framed semi-automatic black handgun

Please contact the Maplewood Police Department Detective Bureau at 314-645-3000 with any information that will help this investigation.


  1. I was literally about to walk into this store right before this happened and something told me not to… thank the fates for that!

  2. Dollar stores seem to the favorite target off many unhinged criminals these days – we have had multiple shootings and that horrific stabbing in the past 2-3 weeks. They need better security and patrons need to make full use of conceal and carry…

  3. `ARE you kiddn’????? The Dollar Store?? I wish i had been there. i go into auto-offense over-ride with “bad people” doing bad things to other people right in front of one’s eyes…ignoring it is not an option. I hope this guy is found;such a low creature. That is like robbing St. Jude’s Gifts for Kids with Cancer…how low can someone go? The Dollar Store is EVERYBODY’s friend…

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