Drawings for Maplewood Total Access Urgent Care submitted


Drawings of a Total Access Urgent Care are with the Maplewood building department and will be considered by the Design and Review Board on Thursday.

Brian Herr, Maplewood building inspector, said that the drawings are conceptual — not a site plan. It will still need to go through planning and zoning and the city council.

The building is in consideration for 7469 Manchester Road, site of the former Rafferty Auto Sales.

The board will also consider:

  • Just Practice Yoga, 3518 Greenwood – window display sign
  • Taco Bell, 2750 S. Big Bend – wall and pole sign
  • Schnucks, 7355 Manchester – wall and ground sign
  • Messenger Church, 2150 Yale – wall sign
  • Chateau Maplewood, 7326 Manchester Road – window display sign

Her also said Thai Table restaurant (7403 Manchester Road) is ready to begin hanging drywall on its buildout.

Conceptual drawings for the Total Access Urgent Care being considered in Maplewood:


  1. We are deep in the days of for-profit medicine. People (not the nurses and even most docs) getting rich on healthcare while we pay more and more. Many urgent care centers carry very little in the way of life-saving supplies and medications requiring a 911 call for critically ill & injured. So, they wouldn’t build it if it weren’t a cash cow. They will however, charge you a $100 copay for your sniffles & scrapes. Best bet these days is the online portal to a doc through your insurance.

    • You got that right. The urgent care model is an easy and fast way to take $$$ from the working poor and those in a hurry with many avenues to exploit the customer er “patient”. I see more state regulation coming down the pike to address these issues…

      • Total Access Urgent Care is an excellent business started by and run by ER Doctors. I webt to TAUC had no insurance. Had complete exam, X-ray, knee wrap and the total bill was $90. Was there about an hour.ER would’ve been $1,000 + and wait minimum 3 hours. So I totally disagree with your statement.

  2. It’s unclear from the Conceptual drawings, but if our City is reading the 40 South News, can we please ask that the building is not set back with parking in front? Look across the street at the Side Project. Look next door at Dobbs and Pizza Hut. Emulate those please. Building facing the street with entry point, parking lot in the back.

  3. I think second guessing the Total Access business plan is futile. They would not be asking for the site unless they thought that it would make money, even with others close by…unless there’s some hidden agenda for failure (!). Better a health-care facility than a fast-food, as others have said.

  4. With any new business opening its doors in Maplewood, time will tell whether it survives or not. If no one frequents it, it will close. Since Maplewood is now a desired location, another business will move in.

  5. As health care costs escalate this is one great example of how capitalism works to fill a market need. These are being built everywhere partially because everyone’s emergency room co-pay has increased significantly. Mine has quadrupled in 4 years. But they are also being built because they provide a modern day equivalent of the old at-home doctor visit. If doctors no long make house calls, then the next best thing is to have one within walking distance. The other great benefit is that as demand rises for these buildings and services so will costs. Adding more of them will ensure that medical costs are kept at the cheapest possible level while still providing quality service. And of course, it’s great to see the health care business return again to downtown (I think the last one was Katz drug store). This is a big win for Maplewood community’s health and wealth.

    • Totally disagree. As someone mentioned, this is a very busy intersection and there are 3 urgent cares that are close. I hope Maplewood listens to the majority of concerns and does not approve.

      • I also disagree with the comparison to doctor’s home visits. When doctors came and did a home visit, they did not require the patient sign a form that allowed the doctor to charge the patient’s credit card over a hundred dollars without notifying the patient many weeks after the patient was examined. They also did not tell the patient they needed expensive tests such as CAT scans and X-rays to determine the illness and then leave them without a diagnosis, forcing them to go to other expensive doctor’s and specialists. They also did not miss things like an ear infection in a child’s ear. Total Access is not a legitimate healthcare option. You also mentioned rising healthcare costs. I agree, which is why it is despicable for a company like TAUC to charge copays and order expensive tests and then leave patients without a diagnosis which means they must go to other doctors and pay their (doubled, tripled, or quadrupled) copays elsewhere. And third, in the age of an opioid crisis, we don’t need more places covering up their lack of knowledge with prescriptions for pain meds that simply mask and do not solve the original problem.

        • The one thing I do agree with is the way capitalism creates a system wherein a place like TAUC can exist.

  6. Happened to be at Side project brewery tonight and saw what looked like a few gentlemen meeting on the property to discuss the site plan. Looks like this is well on its way. If your comment is “we don’t need one…” or “they have one just up the road” then consider this is zoned for community business. Doctor’s offices, which you could argue this falls under, are specified as a permitted use within the community business. The council is not going to oppose a pre-approved use. Just accept it will be built. But be glad that someone other than a fast food restaurant is looking to build a new structure in Maplewood. It looks like it will have parking in the rear and add value to the streetscape. It is certainly an upgrade from a used car lot. And if they ever pack up shop and leave, then at least the building is still able to be converted.

    • Agreed 100% This is a great win. I wonder what kind of businesses everyone wants when they oppose everything coming in. It started with qt, then raising canes, the new laundry mat, Taco Bell, scnhucks and now the urgent care. Business is good. Better than having boarded up Buildings.

      • I agree that seeing a used car lot flipping to a full business is a great sign for where Maplewood is. But Total Access Urgent Care is the one thing we don’t need. They’re building a new location at Big Bend and Clayton, there’s a TAUC 1.5 miles away in Rock Hill, there’s another one in 1.3 miles away at Hampton and 44. On top of that there are other urgent cares in Dogtown and Brentwood. Plus there’s St. Mary’s Hospital and their ER. Lastly they are building an urgent care in front of the Maplewood Wal Mart.

        Home many urgent cares does a small suburb of 8,000 need? Are we really that unhealthy?

        • It doesn’t matter. A business with the financial backing has the ability to put a building in a spot that is approved for its use. It’s a waste of time to look at all the closest urgent cares and use that as an argument against it. Citizens need to grasp the concept that their power lies in how a building appears and is positioned on a lot. Getting the say in the type of business is already established in the zoning codes.

          • I guess a lot of the anger being directed at this proposal is because of what Total Access Urgent Care did with flattening the unique building at Clayton and Big Bend. If this was any other urgent care brand I doubt it would get much attention.

            • I have an issue with TAUC because they are scam artists, not because they flattened a historic building. Yes, that is very upsetting, but that is not why I hate TAUC.

  7. There is already an urgent care at Big Bend and Wise, another being built three blocks north at Big Bend and Clayton and now this one at essentially Big Bend and Manchester??? As I clock it, that’s THREE doc-in-a-box buildings within LESS THAN TWO MILES. Seems like there are either a lot of sick people in the area who have no regular physician, or this is the future of medicine, or there is a terrible lack of imagination about what kind of building to put where….maybe all three.

    • They’re also building one in the spots vacated by the mattress store and shoe store in front of Sam and Wal Mart. Not to mention we have St. Mary’s Hospital, a Total Access Urgent Care at 44/Hampton and a Concentra Urgent Care in Dogtown on top of the ones you mentioned.

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