Feast Magazine likes Fort Taco

Fort Taco

Fort Taco (8106 Manchester Road), which began selling its fresh tacos and enchiladas on Nov. 21, got some good press from Feast Magazine Wednesday.

“The food is made fresh, the service is quick, and the drive-through staff is exceptionally friendly,” according to Feast. “You can see why the line at lunchtime is already several cars deep.”

Feast says the enchiladas “come without the cheesy sauce you might be used to, but that makes them much easier to eat on the road…the salsas are from a family recipe, too…”

Fort Taco plans to include tamales and other taco options, like chicken, in the future.

Read the full review in Feast Magazine.

Fort Taco
A Fort Taco taco


  1. I stopped by yesterday and had a taco – all I can say is… YUMMM!! And btw, I wouldn’t have even noticed it was there except for reading about it in 40 South News – our local “Town Crier”.


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