First Class Christmas Trees – Available This Year with a Maplewood Connection!


Getting our tree this year could not have been easier for my wife and I.  All we had to do was go across the street.  The Tiefenbrun family, from Colorado, Shrewsbury and Maplewood!!, have situated their impressive tree lot in Maplewood this year for the very first time.

They have a wide selection of the most popular trees to be had for your Christmas.  Brothers Ben and Pat have operated this business for many years.  They grew up in Shrewsbury where their parents still live today.  Ben moved to Colorado but Pat, his wife Lauren, and children live in Maplewood! Add their father to the team and you have 100 percent of the management of this tree lot.  It’s a family affair with a Maplewood contingent.

One of the most popular Christmas tree species is the Fraser fir.  Pure coincidence but Pat and his family live in the Maplewood subdivision, Fraser Park.  Regular readers of my Maplewood History blog may remember my posts on that subject.  If not, you can link to them here.

No coincidence at all is the fact that Pat and Lauren’s son is named … Fraser.  You’ll find their lot on the west side of the 3200 block of Big Bend.  Get on over and meet this very nice family.  And take a tree or two home with you.

Merry Christmas season!

Doug Houser       November 27, 2023

Both Ben and Pat have degrees in Forestry.  Pat also makes a living as a carpenter.  This small cabin that he made for his daughter is good example of his skill.

The cabin is held together with joinery and wooden dowels similar to what might be found in a timber-framed home.  If you’d like to talk carpentry with Pat you can talk to him at 314-630-9210.  His full name is Patrick M. Tiefenbrun.  His email address is [email protected].



  1. Homegrown Trees are cut like the week before Thanksgiving ensuring their trees are extra fresh. We have purchased trees from Pat and family for over 25 years. Pat would even deliver our tree to us on Flora on his way home from the old lot on Watson.

  2. Innovative site and pretty selection! Folks enter via the Sunnen fountain entrance to park in around behind, I presume. Convenient! Nice!!


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