Former Applebee’s site to be a car wash


The former Applebee’s on Maplewood Commons Drive was being demolished on Monday to make way for a car wash, according to a sign on the site.


  1. I wasn’t a fan of either one but they were both better than a car wash. My understanding is Maplewood can tax products (food) but not services. Won’t this be a tax loss?

    • I liked Boston Market, but Applebee’s seemed to go down in quality through the years, when they first opened I loved their oriental salad, and riblets, and as the quality goes so does the customer. Still I guess anything is better than a vacant building. So welcome Tidal Wave, hope it goes well for you and many of our cars look better as a result.

  2. Sorry. I liked Applebees. And Boston Market on Clayton Road In Richmond Heights is permanently closed. They had the best Meat Loaf in St. Louis.

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