Hearing set for Schnucks liquor licenses, Update: store opening date set


At the August 14 Maplewood City Council meeting a hearing is scheduled for the new Maplewood Schnucks for a packaged and a Sunday packaged liquor license and an original package tasting license, which would allow Schnucks to conduct wine, malt beverage and distilled spirit tastings on the premises.

The new Schnucks, at 7355 Manchester Road, is set to open in late August. Update: the store is set to open on August 22, according to signs on the front door.

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  1. If you want to taste some liquor we have quite a few places in town already that allow you to do that don’t we? Unless it has changed places like Schafflay used to have a sampler platter of several choices of beer, I thought that was basically what Tapped was is a place to sample beers then once you find what you like have at it.
    How many liquor permits does a town of 10,000 need to have and issue? Seems like we ought to be about maxed out on how many we need and allow.

    • You haven’t given any reason as to why awarding Schnucks the license would be a bad thing. This is such a harmless thing to be against, maybe you just need to have some coffee and relax?

      • I did not write it out correctly. I am more wondering why we need another place to go and taste liquor in the store. Already have several places that offer that service. I know that the former tenant sold liquor and knew that Schnucks would be doing the same. We would not really be getting another new license just a swap in ownership. It is just the tasting portion that I wonder if it is needed.

        • Big retailers like this aren’t hosting tasting parties or events. Typically they have vendors come to the store and offer small samples to help promote their products. It’s similar to all the small food samples handed out.

          • If you’ve ever been intrigued by a new beer, wine or liquor product and bought it, only to find out you don’t like it, you’d know it’s a valuable service.

        • It’s not that we didn’t understand you, it’s that you have provided no reasoning as to why it would be a bad idea. Go find something to actually worry about, this isn’t it.

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