Police seeking suspect in ‘strong arm robbery’ at Maplewood Commons


Maplewood Police posted on Twitter that they are seeking a suspect in a robbery on Wednesday in the 1800 block of Maplewood Commons Drive.


  1. I think this one may have been in the Game Stop store. My friend went in there yesterday and they told her they were just robbed.

    • I guess Wally didn’t have what they wanted to steal. No big deal, they share the same area. Walk across the parking lot to Wally and break into a few cars, rob a few people on their way to Wally to return the stolen goods for cash! Now let’s talk about sunflower in the parkway.

  2. What can I say, Wally World stores / parking lot on Hanley Rd. Need I say more ! 2018 version of Vietnam! It’s a war zone, CCW needed to shop !

      • No, just a person who has been robbed in the city at a Cardinale’s game and had my truck hid and broken into on the Wally’s lot. The cards game robbery cost me my wallet ($250) my NEW cellphone and all I got from the lot owner was “sorry” ! As for the Walle lot, not even a phone call. All on me and my insurance co. Now, let’s talk about sunflower by the sidewalk, speed bumps, potholes, spraying for Mosquitoes, Permethrin, FLIT 10 and DEMAND CS , Malathion and let us not forget DEET. Got to go now, BIG no tax weekend at Walle and the other junk stores.

        • Harold, you sound so bitter. I am getting old, and sometimes I feel like you sound here. I’m really sorry that sh*t happened to you. I wish it hadn’t.

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