Maplewood house historically known as Woodside is for sale


Maplewood’s oldest home, known as Woodside, built in 1848, is being listed for $899,000 by Coldwell Banker. A Richmond Heights couple bought the house in 2016 and has renovated it throughout. Its address is 2200 Bredell Avenue.

See the listing, including photos here.

Photo via Coldwell Banker


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  1. The price is down to $810k, which doesnt seem like a bad price for its size. I wouldnt even know what to do with a house that big though. 5000sq ft and 7 bedrooms is enough for 2-3 average sized families. Nonetheless, the reno looks great.

  2. I am a bit confused that it is for sale… I could be wrong, but I thought the folks that took over the renovation rec’d some incentives from Maplewood to do so? Again, I am not positive, but have lived near there since 1999 when it was completely abandoned…and remember some kind of ‘process’ for them to take over.

  3. Doug, Gary here, I had not seen pre restoration images of Woodside, but after your posting, I can see that a fortune would be needed to restore that home to its original appearance. From what I’ve seen in drive bys, what has been done is the only reasonable approach, not only from a costs aspect, but also for liveability in the home. Sharon tells me the house is listed at around $900,000 which it might get, but nor from me.

  4. Congratulations to everyone involved in the longsuffering effort to redeem this beautiful old house. I’ve been watching this journey with great interest over the last 20 years. Excellent preservation of fireplaces. Magnificent floors. I especially like the urinal in the basement bathroom, because…why not?

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