Maplewood History: Woodside and the Rannells Family


Longtime followers of this space may remember that for about 17 years I and many others were involved in several schemes that were designed to keep Woodside, Maplewood’s oldest home, standing.  Due to the efforts of many, Woodside has not only survived but has been beautifully restored by her new owners.

Over the course of that long project, I met many members of the Rannells family whose ancestors built Woodside.  They generously shared a very large amount of the historic documents, artifacts and images that they had carefully preserved.  I intend now to post as much of this material as I possibly can.

I think a good way to bring everyone up to speed is by posting a couple of chapters from my latest book, Maplewood History, Volume Two, copies of which are still available from me or Scheidt Hardware (True Value to you newcomers) and on eBay.


Aren’t those pretty?  If you like the looks of these pages, you can get all 177 of them neatly contained within a softcover for only $35 or a hardcover for only $50.  If you live close enough, I’ll be happy to deliver.  Or you may just want to make it over to Scheidt Hardware at 7320 Manchester.  The books were available on eBay but have disappeared.  I think I’ll try listing them on Amazon.

And remember I designed these books to become valuable collector’s items.  They are printed and assembled by some of the best folks in the area.  Only the highest quality paper was used.

Also I want to mention that the Mid County Chamber of Commerce has reprinted my first book.  The title is The First One Hundred Years, Maplewood MO, Volume One, Third Printing.  A copy of this book can be had by contacting the Chamber at 7326A Manchester, just a couple of doors west of the hardware store.  In these uncertain times of the pandemic, you might want to give them a call first at 314-781-8588.

As always, I appreciate your interest and support.

Doug Houser       July 21, 2021




  1. It is a shame the city tore down one of the older homes in Maplewood to build the parking for the pool renovation. I guess the city can do what suits them!

    • Apparently it evaporated, ADK. I’m not sure how eBay works but there must be a limit on how long an item will be listed if there is no activity. I wonder if Amazon would be better. thanks for pointing this out. Stay tuned.

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