Incumbent and previous mayor are running for re-election; one will be on the ballot, one will be a write-in


On April 2 Maplewood voters will have two choices for mayor in the municipal election: the incumbent mayor, Nikylan Knapper, and the previous mayor, Barry Greenberg.

The difference though is that Knapper filed to run within the deadline and will be on the ballot, but Greenberg filed after the deadline, so will be a write-in candidate, which means voters will have to write his name on the ballot to vote for him.

Both candidates have a campaign website:

Nikylan Knapper:
Barry Greenberg:

Greenberg has been meeting with his committee and has told 40 South that a statement from him, to be published here, will be coming soon. Knapper, or a representative, is welcome to do the same.

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  1. You really feelin Barry G, y’all? Mayor for 2017-2021 and council for 2003-2017. Maplewood got sued in a class action for runnin a debtor’s prison 2011 – 2021. Suit settled for $3.25 million, paid out to 25k people who done time or paid fines and fees to Maplewood during that blip. Even if city insurance paid out, lots of lawyerin to get that settlement and all on the city dime. Still payin for Barry trouble after Barry’s gone

    I know BG remembers that nuisance law on the books 2017-2018. Evict domestic violence victims from where they stay by yankin occupancy permits after multiple police calls. Took an ACLU suit (and pay that victim) to get BG and his folks to change that one up. Nothing screams “inclusion is for everyone” like banishin black domestic violence victims from their places in order to keep the ‘Wood white!

    Google it there’s more. BG led missed shot at the Greenway comin through Maplewood in 2018. ‘Sole proprietary’ of ADG in Maplewood while servin on the council, the boards, the commissions, and in the big chair. Designin Schlafly, Side Project, Cat Cafe, and Closet Company while on council or top dawg. Livin that Camelot life and contemplatin movin as soon as a black female mayor on top.

    Maplewood deserves better than more BG.

    • Ding ding ding. Dude has literally gathered together every Maplewood bully in the neighborhood and put them on his team, all because he’s sad he lost the last election. He used to be well known for calling his house “Camelot” and would say things like “power has privileges” to his neighbors. Then, on the day he lost the election, his apparent first words to his wife, in front of neighbors, was “So when are we moving?”

      The guy is the OPPOSITE of inclusion. Period.

      There’s so much that could be said about his cronies and the way they ran the last race (stealing yard signs, pretending to be people, fabricating messages), but we can leave it there.

      Barry is over. Leave him and his garbage legacy in the past where they belong.

    • Can you elaborate on that because my understanding is that other than the board helping seniors with property taxes, she’s done very little other than shrug off criticism at every turn and ignore her constituents when they ask her substantive questions. She’s known for being petty and several of her ex-supporters including her ex-campaign manager shared some of her hijinks like turning off his email when he dared to question her on something…and three (3) past city council members who SUPPORTED her speaking out against her power plays and narcissism.

      Guess they are all just troublemakers, huh? Sounds like MAGA logic to me. Point alllll the fingers elsewhere because…she’s beyond reproach.

  2. Very well said, Trv! You hit all the high spots. With a change in regime, hopefully the law violators in town won’t also be defended by OUR tax dollars.

    • what is especially galling and insulting that it’s not just for Maplewood residents-the prop is so ridik that it wants us spending time and taxpayer money defending law breakers just rolling through Maplewood from wherever.

      Wouldn’t it make more sense from the perspective of the Little Einsteins that came up with this to work with law enforcement and coordinate efforts there rather than PAY cops to enforce the law and then have a public defender (a pal of Nikylan’s of course) get paid to basically UNDO the citations issued. Or have the city social worker help these folks out? But that would take the focus away from Knapper and her Saviors and allow for work to be done by others who aren’t necessarily seeking attention and adoration.

      The cognitive gymnastics here are just…something else.

  3. Thank goodness someone stepped up to face down The Knapper Regime with its corruption and unethical behavior. What a benefit to Maplewood that the person who stepped up is a known leader who has proven he cares about all of Maplewood, not just via performative window dressing. If you think government should be about laws, crime prevention, and economic development, write in Barry Greenberg. If you think it’s about “hair rights”, a pride flag at city hall, and making sure pedophiles and drug addicts feel welcome to live at our parks, vote Knapper.

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