Maplewood’s EV chargers have had problems; we’re in the queue for repair; Update: they’re going away to be fixed

Installed in summer of 2022, the two electric vehicle chargers on the Marietta Parking Lot haven’t always worked. Often one worked and the other didn’t. Now they are both out of commission. The city is waiting for the vendor, VSA (Veterans Serving America), to service the charger.
Ward 3 Councilman Nick Homa talked with City Manager Amber Withycombe about the problem, and told 40 South that issues have persisted since installation. He said the city knows the chargers aren’t functional, and that there’s an ongoing discussion with Ameren to determine the root cause and then decide whether it’s a city fix or an Ameren fix.
The original charger that was installed was pulled and replaced, but issues still lingered. Ameren says it’s not an electrical issue, but VSA does not agree.
Homa said that at the end of November the charger was vandalized which rendered it unable to work at all. The vandalized charger was removed and replaced at the end of last year.
For now, VSA still needs to come back to get the newly installed charger (which replaced the vandalized one) in working order. We’re in the queue but there are still other jobs ahead of ours – they’ve also had some weather delays, Homa said.
UPDATE: The chargers are due to be removed on Wednesday and taken for the manufacturer for repair. We’ll have a timeline on the re-install after the manufacturer can determine the problem and what it will take to fix it. 


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