Chef to open ‘American brasserie’ in former Home Wine Kitchen space


It hasn’t taken long for Home Wine Kitchen’s previous space at 7322 Manchester Road to attract a new tenant, and it’s a name that’s well-known in St. Louis restaurant circles.

photo(14)Matt Daughaday, former Executive Chef at Taste, plans to open ‘Reeds American Table.’ A posting on the window is for a hearing for a liquor license on Feb. 24.

Daughaday left Taste after three years, with plans to open his own spot in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood, Feast Magazine reported in December.

The owner of the space, Rob Birenbaum, confirmed Friday that the Matthew Daughaday leasing the space is the Matt Daughaday who was Executive Chef at Taste.

Feast described the kind of restaurant Daughaday plans to open.

Daughaday says he envisions the new restaurant as an “essentially American brasserie,” with classic salads, sandwiches, entrees, roasts and an affordable price point. The idea is to explore what is uniquely St. Louis, without necessarily venturing into the kitsch of toasted ravioli.


Matthew Daughaday at work in the kitchen.
Matthew Daughaday at work in the kitchen.





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