Liquor license being requested for former piano bar location


A hearing is set to hear citizens’ comments on a request for a full and Sunday liquor license at 7376 Manchester Road — previously Live Juke Joint Piano Bar.
The piano bar was the most recent of a string of short-lived businesses at the location. It closed its doors in August.

According to the city notice, ‘Michael Fischer of Elmwood’ is making the request. The public hearing is set for Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Maplewood City Hall.

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  1. I need to look closer at those old Woodside pictures. There is a rumor circulating that Colonel Sanders is buried on the property. Perhaps that explains some things…

      • It seems like it would be a good location, but several piano bars have failed along with other bar/ restaurants. That space needs something different to be successful… Did someone say “Alaskan themed dinner theater.”

          • Haha. Can’t have enough fried chicken in Maplewood… I’ll say it again, a poke bar would be huge with the millennial /hipster crowd.

          • Yaaaawn. You guys need to come up with some new material. The fried chicken jokes are so old. They weren’t even that funny two years ago when the first guy said it. Can we please try to come up with something original.

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