Maplewood candidates post statements: 3 winners and 1 who didn’t


Two candidates for Maplewood city council who won re-election posted on Facebook. One who lost to an incumbent also posted.

Jenny Schmidt, incumbent who won re-election for her Maplewood Ward 3 city council seat against Scott Criscione, said this on her campaign Facebook page the day after the election:

Friends and neighbors, thank you so much for your support!! I am so honored and excited to have 3 more years as your Ward 3 Councilperson. In the last 18 months our council has gone from having 1 female councilperson out of 7 to 4 out of 7. This is what progress looks like and I’m so lucky to be a part of it. I cannot wait to work with these amazing women and the rest of the council, city staff, police and fire departments, businesses and community members to make the small changes that so often have the biggest impact in our lives. Thank you again for your support! I am so excited to continue serving you!

Karen Wood, incumbent who won a contested re-election for the Ward 1 Maplewood City Council seat, said this the day before the election:

Hi fb friends and family
As Election Day is almost here I would like to thank you so much for all the kind words, encouragement, and support from so many people. Some I’ve known all my life and some more recent but all so appreciated. I’ve served the city for 16 years with honesty, integrity and commitment ( I’ve only missed 2 council meetings in 16 years!) I’m proud to say we as a team in Maplewood have achieved,and are still achieving , the goals I promised to work toward when elected in 2003. I would so appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve and explore new and greater goals in the community that I love

Jason Goldkamp, who lost to Karen Wood in the Ward 1 council member race posted this on his campaign Facebook page:

Well, we lost and that’s ok. There’s no one in the 1st Ward of Maplewood who doesn’t know about the nuisance ordinance now. I really hope there is some change that comes about due to this.

I’m shocked but ok with the outcome, because I left it all out on the field. I knocked every door with my amazing Campaign Manager Bridget Kelly at least 4 times post January. I’d also like to thank Cara Spencer, St. Louis Alderman Ward 20, Bret Narayan for Alderman for their endorsements and Brad Walther, Brian Enslin, Kevin FitzGerald, Mark Osmack, AmyLeigh Higgins, Michael Derby and many other who showed up to canvass. Also my man Michael Crane who provided all of my graphic design magic and InkSpot for their amazing print work.

I hope Eleanor For Maplewood Ward 2 is able to get a FT social worker hired for Maplewood and that Jenny Schmidt, Maplewood Ward 3 Councilwoman and Eleanor can both do something about the nuisance ordinance without my vote on the council.

Moving forward, I think I’m going to try and focus on mosquito eradication in Ward 1. The county program has not worked for us. Simply driving a white truck around spraying white smoke does nothing anyone I’ve talked to has ever noticed. I’m starting a non-profit called Mosquito Free Maplewood that I will initially fund that will concentrate on a limited portion of Maplewood Ward 1, specifically the area south of Manchester and West of Big Bend. If you would like to help with Mosquito Free Maplewood, and bring it to another portion of Maplewood, contact me anytime as summer is rapidly approaching.

Mosquito Free Maplewood will mainly consist of three things, education, outreach, and ordering mosquito dunks in mass to sell at cost and provide them for free in special financial circumstances. I’ve already contacted a supplier that sells them for $0.74 per dunk and as soon as the non-profit is started I will be ordering some.

Beyond mosquitos, roads, and exiles, the community really opened up to be about issues that had not been addressed despite contacting city hall multiple times. I will be sorting through those issues in my database, and providing them to Eleanor, Jenny, and The City Manager at the next council meeting or email. Hopefully they will be able to assist you. If any citizen cannot get a response just let me know and I’ll go up and let them know personally.

And finally, I’ll be able to put this totally trashed copy of the nuisance ordinance to rest. It has been my partner in canvassing since December and has been through hell.

P.S. I deleted my personal Facebook and Messenger at midnight after the election and it is amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone.

MRH School Board incumbent Brandi Herndon-Miller posted on Facebook after retaining her seat:

This campaign has led me on a unique Journey. I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of sharing a ballot with Dale chambers and Nikylan Knapper who couldn’t have been better opponents and running mates. I look forward to working with our newest board member, Nikylan, as well as the new and continued input and dedication i know Dale will continue to bring to the board. I truly want to thank all who supported me and my campaign qnd those who blessed me with your vote. Now the hard work begins! The community has spoken and i have listened. They are proud of our district but want to see some changes…let’s do this!


  1. Thank you for posting this. Jason, I appreciate you still wanting to improve Maplewood, despite not winning the election. The mosquitos here are downright awful and relentless. I would be willing to help with your non-profit. The area I live is desperately in need of mosquito eradication (north of Manchester, east of Big Bend). Hoping to enjoy some days outside without worrying about being eaten alive. How do I contact you?

    • Hi Denise, I’m setting up a non-profit called Mosquito Free Maplewood. You can find us online at and shoot us a message.

      I’ll be ordering mosquito dunks which contain the larvae eating bacteria that is safe for children in bulk at about $0.75 a piece that will be free to those who are in need, but at cost for those who can afford them monthly.

      It will also have tips on what you and your neighbors can do to get rid of these pests.

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