Maplewood community development director leaving her post; applications being accepted


Rachelle L’Ecuyer, Maplewood’s community development director, is leaving the position with the city, according to sources connected with Maplewood businesses.

L’Ecuyer joined the city in 2005 and has been a big part of downtown Maplewood’s comeback. She marked her 10-year anniversary with a summary of her accomplishments, among them, establishing the events: Let Them Eat Art, Women Making History, The Sweet Tooth Tour, The Maplewood Coffee Crawl and Stringfest (formerly the Harp Attack and Fiddlefest).

The position is posted on the Maplewood city website, and some well-qualified applicants have applied, according to a source. The deadline to apply is July 27.

L’Ecuyer didn’t reply immediately to a request for information.

She has since, posted this on Twitter:



  1. Rachelle worked behind the scenes to really boost our city, and she has made a tremendous impact on it. I truly think that she is a huge reason of why people want to live and work in Maplewood. Thank you so much, Rachelle, for everything you have done for Maplewood!

  2. Rachelle, you will be greatly missed!
    Thank you for everything you have done to create a culture of Art and community here in Maplewood!
    Best wishes on your next adventure!

  3. The smartest thing Maplewood ever did was hire Rachelle. She did so many great things for Maplewood and Maplewood businesses. The City should do everything in it’s power to retain her. Whatever it takes. Letting her go is not a smart move. She will be impossible to replace.

  4. Rachelle, thanks for your work and ideas. You are truly a big part of Maplewood being a great city. You will be missed. I hope Maplewood continue these events after you have departed.

    And perhaps one idea for a new event. Oktoberfest with food truck!!!!

  5. The activities and events Rachelle has created and her expert promotion of them have played a large part in giving Maplewood its current reputation as a “hot” location, I believe. I hope her influence on the city continues, and I wish her good luck in her next adventure.

  6. Say it isn’t so. She has been a great supporter of Maplewood and has helped a lot with the interest here. Although I do not work with her and only know her work she seems like a person who has had some good ideas and made them work for our town. Thanks Rachelle.

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