Pedestrian struck, killed on Big Bend


At approximately 2 p.m. on Monday a man in his 60s crossing S. Big Bend Boulevard just north of Manchester Road was struck and killed, according to Maplewood Police.

Maplewood Police Lieutenant Matt Neighbor said the driver of the car was apprehended south of the area by another police department and was being questioned.

The accident is being investigated as a crime scene by police. No other details were available.

Traffic was moving through the intersection on Manchester, but S. Big Bend is closed from Rannells to Flora avenues until at least 5 p.m.



  1. The Post-Dispatch article says:

    “The driver of the vehicle that struck the man remained on the scene and was talking with police, said Maplewood Lt. Matthew Nighbor.”

    Which was it? Did the driver remain at the scene or did he/she have to be apprehended?

    • LOL. Not quite. Speed kills not the fact that a QT is there. The speed limit on BB used to be 30MPH up until HWY 40 closed. The county then raised the speed limit to 35 to compensate for the increased traffic during construction. Once HWY 40 reopened you would assume the county would drop the limit back down to 30MPH. Nope. Its stayed at 35 and many of those drivers never went back to using HWY 40 for their commute. The county is the real issue. Take, for instance, that construction going on at BB and Manchester. When was the last time you actually saw workers working there. I bet it’s been over two weeks at least. Why? Cause they do things their own way without thinking about pedestrians. If you’re mad complain to the county not QT.

      • Sorry, but QT is definitely part of the problem. It attracts people from that neighborhood who walk there without using the crosswalks. That intersection has gotten much wilder since they opened. Allowing people to make left turns onto northbound BB out of that lot is a huge mistake. And the locals weaving around drivers who are trying to navigate the maze can turn it into a real circus. Add the horrible condition of the pavement (how many years since any meaningful maintenance was done to BB?) and you’ve got all the ingredients for what happened yesterday.

      • The county isn’t the entity that is doing the construction at the intersection, it is the State of Missouri. Still, I am sure the construction has made this intersection more dangerous. They also haven’t stated whether the person was crossing at the intersection or Jaywalking. Either way, it is a shame a person lost their life.

    • God forbid St. Louis have an actual road designed to get drivers from north to south in an efficient manner. No, instead we all have to deal with thousands of commuters scrambling through MRH twice a day.

      • The county or state has tried to put a I-170 extension in, at least twice since I’ve been in Brentwood. The first one that I know of, would have gone be or through Brentwood’s industrial park. The second was recently, when someone(s) wanted to put the extension through Deer Creek Plaza (right after they finished their last rebuild, several years ago.
        Please correct me with specifics, where I am incorrect.

  2. No idea if this is the case here, but there are always pedestrians wandering across Big Bend in that area, nowhere near the crossing.

  3. Too many people are speeding up and down Big Bend. A couple weeks ago someone was flying over the hill at Rannells when I was turning right onto Big Bend and almost hit me, laid on the car horn, and kept speeding north – I’m guessing going at least 50mph if not more.

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