Total Access Urgent Care on Maplewood Design and Review agenda


Maplewood Design and Review is set to consider a new Total Access Urgent Care, and signage for Taco Bell, Schnucks and Chateau Maplewood.

The Total Access Urgent Care building is planned for 7469 Manchester Road, the former Rafferty Auto Sales, which left the location in April.

A Total Access Urgent Care is under construction in Richmond Heights at Big Bend and Clayton.

Also on the agenda at the July 12 meeting:

  • Just Practice Yoga, 3518 Greenwood – window display sign
  • Taco Bell, 2750 S. Big Bend – wall and pole sign
  • Schnucks, 7355 Manchester – wall and ground sign
  • Messenger Church, 2150 Yale – wall sign
  • Chateau Maplewood, 7326 Manchester Road – window display sign
7469 Manchester Road, where Total Access Urgent Care is considering a new building. photo via Google Street View


  1. Oh good lord, like this city needs yet another urgent care center. There’s plenty of them to choose from all over the place including down the road, what is needed is something more useful for the community!

    • TAUC has a x-ray and CT. Most sights have a MD, DO or NP. They have a pharmacy on sight and can get patients in and out within an hour.

  2. People are probably right that you don’t need another urgent care with so many around but I don’t think there is anything wrong with TAUC. I have used the one in Rock Hill many times and have always had a good experience there. It is much easier than going to my own doctor or an ER. I like that they do xrays and other tests right there. My regular doctor sends me to other locations for those things. I do not see them as scam artists at all

  3. Haven’t seen anyone mention the new urgent care opening in Maplewood Commons. Next to the Qdoba.

  4. I’ve used the TAUC in rock hill and have always been pleased with their level of service and cost. I’m not sure we need one in Maplewood but if it replaces that disgusting car dealership then I say it’s a positive. And maybe all the haters will get their way and it will go out of business leaving a much nicer store front for someone else to occupy.

    • Not everyone who disagrees with your view is a “hater.” I am often happy about the new additions to Maplewood, Schnucks, Taco Bell, the Thai restaurant, the laundromat, Side Project, Planet Score, La Cosecha, and many, many more are all welcome additions in my opinion. But TAUC is different. They are not a good company. It’s great that you had a good experience, but that is not the case for many other people. Instead of instantly discounting other’s experiences, it might be more productive to listen and allow for another viewpoint instead of just dismissing all of us as “haters.”

      • Any fair minded individual who has read your comments here on TAUC would have a hard time arguing that you do not hate them. Nothing wrong with accepting a label where appropriate.

  5. The traffic congestion in that area is horrendous now, and now an urgent care is being thrown in this mix?!
    There are enough, ALL within a mile or two from the location being considered!

  6. You can always ask for a prescription for medication then walk across the street to CVS. Let’s get real, there is not enough health care in any community. Especially in flu season, or in case of a community emergency.

  7. Yet another TAUC in the area? Please, board members, if you truly feel another urgent care center is needed in or near Maplewood, could you not invite one that is affiliated with an actual medical center like SSM or BJC?

  8. My first choice to have in Maplewood….a Ted Drewes….talk about bringing in money and more people….

  9. Total Access and Dr Bruckel will never get our business after destroying the Waldbart building. Our Urgent Care at Wise and Big Bend is nice and we’ve had good experiences there.

  10. Seriously? Something of quality and not half rate wants to move to Maplewood and people want to bellyache about it? Total Access is the best of the urgent care providers and frankly we’re lucky they’re considering coming here. We deserve it and once it’s here it’s going to help a lot of people.

      • Total Access Care is definitely not quality. It is a business design to take advantage of sick people. There’s one on Manchester in Rock Hill and one on Big Bend, as the article mentioned, there doesn’t need to be one in Maplewood. They want to come here because they are scamming so many people out of their money when they are at their most vulnerable and they know they can make a killing off the people of Maplewood. We do NOT want these strip mall, faux medical, scam artists in our town. Just because something is new and makes money does not mean they are a good business.

        • That’s why so many of these are popping up like mushrooms after a storm. Its a great business model for exploiting the poor and those without health insurance…

        • While I have sympathy for people who would like to get an Urgent Care or TAUC within walking distance, I truly believe we are covered. I have used both the one on Big Bend in the middle of flu season; they did not have the necessary flu shots nor did they consider the possible need for x-rays due to cough (which my doctor did when I went to him a couple of days later). TAUC in Rock Hill will charge you an arm and leg for meds that can be cheap if you have insurance; I have questioned that in the past and NOW they at least warn you that meds are not billed to your insurance. They will give you generic meds and typically do not carry what is truly needed. It is a mixed bag at best. Emergency room costs are astronomical, but with two in RH now, one in Rock Hill, I have to wonder what happens to the establishment that will no likely go belly up soon. There has to be some other businesses that could be cultivated.

          • The urgent care promoters are trying to disrupt the current healthcare model that is under stress from multiple fronts. They see huge profit potential from a variety of revenue streams such as medications not covered by insurance, needless tests, and low cost labor i.e. nurse practitioners instead of MDs. This segment of the healthcare market will continue to explode until there is saturation and the inevitable fallout…

  11. List of things required for an intersection in the St Louis metro these days:
    – CVS
    – Total Access Urgent Care
    – QT
    – Sub-McDonald’s-quality fast food.
    – Road construction
    Did I miss anything?

  12. That’s odd to put TAUC there, considering there is one going up at the corner of Clayton rd. and Big bend.

  13. It is more convenient to go to a total care then to go to hospital and at a lower cost. The wait is not like a hospital ER. There is a need for such health care emergency service if you get sick on weekends. Much need to have this service close when you don’t drive.

    • But not Total Access. They are scam artist. Seriously bad for people. They will tell you many expensive tests are needed when they are not and then you leave without a diagnosis and a morphine shot. To even get seen they make you sign a paper that allows them to charge your credit card weeks later without notice. It’s a sleazy business definitely not designed to help people in any way.

      • Scammers? Really? I’ve had excellent care at TAUC in Rock Hill – for illness and fractures. Never got the kind of delayed billing you described. And preying on people without insurance? Where exactly should folks go without insurance? ERs cost about 5x more with longer waits and minimal care. Sorry it offends you so much. Be sure to never darken their door! ?

        • I’m happy you had a good experience with TAUC, unfortunately we can’t only look at one experience of their service. I am not the only person with TAUC horror stories. You clearly got lucky, but in a healthcare situation we should not have to hold our breath, cross our fingers, and hope we get lucky. My sister took her two-year-old to TAUC when he had a fever and they missed the ear infection he had, yet charged her heavily for the many useless tests they conducted. And she still had to take him to a different doctor and pay for that. If you begin looking into this you will hear more and more stories of situations where it is clear TAUC is a for profit company, looking to make money off sick people without actually helping anyone. I definitely won’t “darken their door” but that also does not mean I want one of these places in Maplewood. (It should also offend you that they are treating people this way). And one option for people without insurance is to go to the Walgreens clinic. There are also other urgent care centers that do a better job than TAUC. But whether you have insurance or not, TAUC will take advantage of you.

  14. Do we need another Urgent Care? there is one going in at Clayton and Big Bend, and one at Manchester and Brentwood.

    • Same here. I hate used car lots as they’re a sign of decreased land values. But at this point I’d rather have a used car lot back in that spot than another urgent care.

    • Right, another Urgent Care when there are so many already within a mile or two radius. Ugh. Plus I highly doubt there are many people who would “walk” to an Urgent Care if they were really sick or had a broken or sprained limb anyway….especially in the winter. Flu shots are available at Walgreens, CVS, Target, Costco….just about anywhere.

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