Maplewood History: A Hunk, a Hunk of Burning… Hobby


I reran this post a little over a year ago so many of my readers will remember it.  It’s one of my all time favorites.  I have many new eyes on this blog so I’ve decided to run it again.

Maplewood History: A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning… Hobby?

There is just a wealth of information contained in this most unusual place.  Hope those of you who haven’t seen it before enjoy it.

Doug Houser       April 16, 2024


  1. Cool hobby – reverse pun not intended. It’s worth noting that the “almost-in-Maplewood” restaurant, Piccadilly at Manhattan, has an entire tabletop that consists of these. All are encased in some sort of epoxy to create a level tabletop.

  2. These are very special. In the late 1950s or earl 1960s, a group of friends and I donated blood at the Red Cross. Then, we went to Cousin Hugo’s and got totally wasted on just a couple of beers. Really stupid and never again!


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