Maplewood History: Happy Halloween

the Maplewood Spectre as imagined by Yours truly. Courtesy of Photoshop.

In my neighborhood, the Shields subdivision in south Maplewood, a couple of 12 foot tall skeletons have been up for quite awhile now.  They preceded the yard inflatables.  Not sure why. They seem to be the cutting edge in Halloween decorations this year.  Perhaps the owners just want them to get maximum air time?

Thanksgiving is unhandy for decorating coming so soon after Halloween.  It sort of interferes with getting your Christmas stuff out early like so many businesses seem to want to do lately.  Maybe we need to space these things out a bit more.

One problem is that Easter is mobile.  The pilgrims don’t need that moonlight any longer so how about we just pick a day in April and make it the same for Easter every year?  Then we would have space in March for Thanksgiving and we could avoid the colliding end-of-year holidays.

Or if we can’t move Thanksgiving, maybe some enterprising inventor could come up with some house decorations and yard inflatables based on the idea behind the children’s toys called Transformers?  Those inclined could buy one set to be put out early in October that would have all of the features built in for the three colliding holidays.  The 12 foot skeleton could be converted into a 12 foot pilgrim in time for Thanksgiving and a 12 foot Santa for Christmas.

That seems easy enough.  It would save storage space as well.

My regular readers know that for some unknown reason they were unable to access my last post about the grand home at 7309 Maple Avenue.  Neither Editor Miner nor I know why that happened.  I was hoping if I waited a few days it would somehow magically appear but it hasn’t.  My apologies to Sam Rainwater and Doug Nickrent, the owners of 7309 Maple.  I will redo the post, hopefully within a few days.

Halloween is the best time of the year to post ghost stories.  I believe that a town cannot have too many ghosts.  The following link will take you to a prior post that has links to every Maplewood ghost story I have ever heard or found.

Maplewood Ghost Stories

Happy Halloween.

Doug Houser     October 31, 2022

The Maplewood Spectre as imagined by Yours truly. Courtesy of Photoshop.



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