Maplewood History: The Shaw-Stephens Post 103 – Part 2


What follows are more images salvaged from the large pile of stuff the folks at Post 103 were forced to leave behind when they closed their doors.  If you missed the first blog post about 103, you can find it here.

There were very many envelopes and letters left behind. Many had interesting stamps and cancellations. 6 cents for airmail seems like a bargain.
This blurry photograph probably contains a clue as to why the post was named Shaw-Stevens but I don’t have any information other than this.
Some of the newspapers they saved give a clear example of the hysteria following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I guess this should have been the first one.  Just read them backwards.
From a scrapbook.

The aforementioned Jeep with miniature tire kicker.
Part of the aforementioned 67 letter writers at the Sutton School.  The stone wall in the background still exists.  These days it can be found behind the condos on Cambridge.
Probably the same Jeep in this photo but the location has changed. That slanted stone wall (which still exists) once surrounded the athletic field just west of Valley School and across Oakland Ave from same. Valley School (the first one) has since been replaced by an apartment complex directly across Manchester from Maplewood City Hall. The former athletic field is now the site of the Early Childhood Center.


  1. How times have changed! First you bring in a Coast Guard guy to talk to students. Then you let them ride around in a Jeep with a strange man and no seat belts! Travesty!

    Neat stuff to see there Doug. I wonder how they got some of the papers. Maybe when that happened you could buy one locally but I have never seen one from Hawaii before.

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