Maplewood resident notices ‘enormous’ jump in newly appraised property values


A Maplewood resident said in an email to 40 South that he’s noticed that his property values have gone up an ‘enormous’ amount for 2019.

He says, for example, that his appraised home value went from $325,000 (2018) to $478,400, an increase of 47 percent. Also, his empty lot he owns went up from $62,300 (last year) to $90,000, an increase of 44.4 percent.

And also, the appraised value of a home on Marietta Avenue that the editor here has an interest in went up 19 percent.

The St. Louis County real estate page has posted the preliminary appraised 2019 values. The values are subject to change by the Assessor until July 1st. Look up the appraised value of any property in St. Louis County here.


  1. I’ve contested my assessment three times and all three times I got it knocked back to what it was. My experience was that they were very open to being contested, because I think they realize you know more about your property than an inspector that walks around the outside of your house, or just drives by. My strategy was…do it online (quick and easy) and load pictures with descriptions of the flaws or things in need of replacement or repair. Then I explained why with the flaws I showed I couldn’t sell it for what they were saying it was worth. Of course if they are just raising the value of the land, there is probably nothing you can do about that.

  2. I agree. Ours went up 15% & 15% last year. Had card on my door that said they missed us & needed to appraise every 5 years. The appraiser was out last year and did the appraisal with my husband present. Would love to find the person who would pay the amount they appraised my house for…SOLD!

  3. I’m not the most business-savvy person and recently purchased my first home. What will the higher appraisal affect?

  4. We’ve received the notification that our appraised value went up over 15%. The checkbox that Owner/Occupant not present, but I work from home most days and did not hear a knock or doorbell on the day identified. I just checked the revenue

    It looks like our 2019 RH home appraised value and assessed value both went up 17.4% total over 2018(+54.2% land / -1.7% improvements), but it puts us within 1% of 2008. (Can you tell I’m a business analyst in real life?!)

  5. You can find out what factors the Assessor used to arrive at the value of your property. There can be errors in it. There was in the assessment for my house and I appealed it and got a reduction – not great, but a reduction.

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