Maplewood’s salt supply limited to 1 more big storm; and other city council notes

Maplewood has one big snow storm left before it runs out of salt.

Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran used the unusually short council meeting Tuesday to solicit new ideas from the city council. “You can’t rest on your laurels,” he said after the meeting.

Several ideas came out of Corcoran and the council.

Corcoran floated ideas how to finance a bond for the new fire house. He advised against a no-tax increase bond, in case Maplewood’s finances aren’t as positive 10 years from now as they currently are. He said as much as a half-cent sales tax could be used to finance the approximately $5 million building. A property tax is also an option.

In the discussion, Corcoran mentioned that he thought the Walmart to be built in Shrewsbury and the Menards to be built in Richmond Heights might have only a small effect on Maplewood’s economy.

Corcoran said the city could use its own band shell trailer, instead of renting one for annual events like Let Them Eat Art and Taste of Maplewood.

Ward 3 Councilman Barry Greenberg suggested LED street lights downtown.

Corcoran suggested raising the city’s bid limit, which is now at $5,000. A bid higher than that currently takes council action. He said it’s been at its current level for about 20 years.

Maplewood has enough salt left in its reserves for one large or two small snow storms, according to the public works department. After that, “we’re at the mercy of the barge,” bringing salt up the Mississippi River, Corcoran said. The city has 500 tons delivered in July.

Ward 1 Councilman David Cerven suggested forming a public art council to take proposals for public art opportunities. It could be for traveling art or fixed pieces.

Greenberg would like to form a commission on aging. He said many houses in Maplewood have six steps up to the front door and are hard to heat and cool.

Greenberg also asked what could be done to help the development of Manchester between Bellevue and Yale avenues, east of the main downtown area.


  1. Susan – At the Feb. 25 council meeting, Marty Corcoran said more salt was delivered, so if we need it we’ll have it – but hopefully we won’t need it until next winter!

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