McDonald’s eyeing Circle K-owned corner in Maplewood?

Circle K owns the lot that Schaefer Shell sits on.
Circle K owns the lot that Schaefer Shell sits on.
Circle K owns the lot that Schaefer Shell sits on.

If McDonald’s is looking for a new downtown Maplewood location, and McDonald’s USA Heartland Region communications manager Neil Getzlow doesn’t say they’re not, a major corner could open up.

Gene Kohler, owner of Schaefer Shell at the southwest corner of Manchester Road and Big Bend Boulevard, said he has a couple years left on his lease. Circle K owns the property, he said.

Kohler also said he’s not concerned about QuikTrip moving in across Manchester road. Service is his “bread and butter,” he said.

He will have owned the service station 22 years this December. He bought the station from Vince Schaefer.

Another possibility could be the lot next to CVS on Big Bend, but it may not be big enough.


  1. You can be against it all you want, but remember that it is private property and you wouldn’t want your neighbors dictating what you do with your property.

  2. From what I remember…restaurants don’t do good on this corner…Manchester and Big Bend. There was a sit down….can’t remember the name of it….for awhile, then there was a Burger Chef….or maybe Burger Chef was first….anyway, neither one made it. I am not sure about McDonald’s being there. But I’m not for it. As previous remarks….we have enough fast food joints right there already.

    • The Burger Chef (later Hardee’s) was further into Maplewood – where TKO DJ’s has been, on the other side of the funeral home, on Manchester. Something on the Shell corner would get a lot more drive-by traffic. That said, I would absolutely prefer NOT to see a McDonald’s on that corner. A nice low office building would be nice; we could use some Class-A office space in town.

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