MRH defensive tackle finally makes it to MIZZOU


In the summer of 2012, Antar Thompson had committed to Missouri in May and planned to sign the following February. He didn’t make it, but he’s finally back and ready to play, reports.

He didn’t qualify academically for Missouri, so he was set to go to junior college in Mississippi. But then his son, Isaiah Ernest Thompson was born. Thompson returned to St. Louis to be with Isaiah and the child’s mother. The following year, he went to Fort Scott Community College, but transcript problems and coaching disagreements kept him out.

He tried Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas. He showed up on campus weighing 350 pounds. After getting into shape, in the fall of 2016, Thompson was finally on a college football team. He had 22 tackles, two sacks and started the last three games of the season.

Coaches noticed: he had scholarship offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and finally Missouri.

“I feel like I’m much better. Back then I was a kid that would line up and I wanted to be the star. I wanted to be able to make that big play,” Thompson said. “Now I know it’s all about doing your job and working with the team. I’m huge on just staying in my gap and doing my job. I never would have done that back then. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.”

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Antar Thompson as a Blue Devil
Antar Thompson as a Blue Devil