Pantera’s rent quadruples: employee

Pantera's Pizza, Maplewood

Pantera’s Pizza, at 7222 Manchester Road, has lost its lease, as reported here on Monday. The owner posted details in the shop:

photo(12)“The short story is that this building was sold to a different owner last year after the original owner passed away. The new owners are using the renewal to change many of the lease terms to make them more favorable to them, along with a drastically increased monthly rent…we have chosen to walk away and look elsewhere.

“I thought the lease I had, offered me certain protections against what is being done. However, even with the help of two attorneys, we have been unable to work anything out. Simply put, a lease that was good enough between me and the elderly gentleman that used to own this building, becomes something completely different when inherited by a real estate investment company and their team of lawyers.

A 13-year employee in the shop Monday said the rent had quadrupled. “They obviously just want us out.”

Update: Owner of the building, Mark Rubin, contacted 40 South News, saying some of this information is incorrect. He said the new rent is closer to being doubled than quadrupled.

Pantera’s owner hopes to stay in the Maplewood area and is pursuing a spot that would include a sit-down area, as well as carryout and delivery, but says it could be well into 2015 before reopening.

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  1. Oh such drama! ‘appalled at unethical…” Should we get you a seat, a fan and a mint julip to calm your nerves?

    Because commentators such as myself assume that from these posts, the entire Maplewood City gov’t will read and do exactly as we write. Personally, I didn’t think that voodoo spell I was weaving around my words was working — thanks for the heads up, I’ll be waayyy more careful next time dude.

  2. This just shows you progress isn’t always kind. That business has been there for DECADES — stayed in Maplewood when others were running away. Now, it’s ‘cool’ to be in Maplewood so new land owners want to cash in on the ‘heat’…leaving a long standing business in its’ dust. I sincerely hope the city recognizes the dedication this business has shown and somehow assists them with relocation and makes transition of permits, etc smooth. (While doing the opposite for the opportunist– maybe add a few more hoops to jump through as payment for dirty tactic’s)

    • I agree. I’m so sad this is happening to a good company. I don’t know who the current owner thinks he will be able to get in that tiny building. I’m afraid he will just bulldoze and start over. Which would be a shame, because that little store is really great. I wish there was a way Pantera’s could keep its spot. I also hate the idea that our neighborhood will get too trendy and expensive for businesses like Pantera’s to stay.

    • Do you actually think that playing favorites and making things more difficult for “certain” businesses or owners is the best way to run a city? Do you think in the long run this will create vibrant businesses? Most business owners understand that if you can be in favor with a group you can just as easily be out of favor and would rather avoid uncertainty.
      Sometimes I’m appalled at the unethical and probably illegal tactics some commenters here would use to ensure that the “right” businesses prevail. I’m sad for Pantera’s and I hope the successfully relocate; I would love to see an eat-in opportunity. The current owners of the property are also a business, even if they don’t meet your criteria, they do deserve fair treatment.

  3. I am sorry to hear they quadrupled the rent for that space……a clear indication that they want to break the lease and get Pantera out of there. I think that is the problem with a lot of our losses of businesses. They want to raise the rent after they get established. Such is the practices of businesses. And it’s a little sad. Hopefully we won’t have that problem this year, but I won’t hold my breath.


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