St. Louis-themed Halloween Pet Costumes


If you’re giving your pets a little flair this holiday, why not have some hometown pride, too? Here are 6 costume ideas for dressing up your pets in St. Louis style.

Pizza Pup
St. Louis-style pizza may not be for everyone, but we locals love our Provel pies! Now your pets can show some hometown love with a thin-crust pizza costume! Add a Velcro vest to your pet and secure a clean Imo’s box for full effect.

I’d better be getting paid in real pizza for this.











Donut Dog
While our pizza may be divisive, one thing everyone can agree on is the deliciousness of the culinary creations coming out of Maplewood’s own Strange Donuts. Your pup will happily don the done costume, especially if it’s the chicken and waffle variety.

Can I lick him now?


Furrocious Felines
St. Louis has one of the finest zoos in the world. Let your cat show some pride and be part of the pride in a fashionable lion’s mane. Note: The APA makes no promises regarding kitty revenge on those who dress up their cats.



Dog Draper
Give hometown hero Jon Hamm a run for his money by dressing up your pooch as the dapper Don Draper. This Mad Men-inspired costume is sure to have the neighbors howling in delight.

“I don’t hate Halloween. I just hate this Halloween.”


Animal Athletes
There is no shortage of sports lovers in St. Louis, and your pooch likes to root on the team, too. Grab some gear for your furry friend and dress them up as Cardinals player Jason Mutte, Blues team captain David Basset, or Rams quarterback Pawstin Davis.

I wanted to be Jhonny Pugralta.
I’m the linebacker, obviously.









Brewer’s Pride
We have breweries aplenty in St. Louis, and now your pooch can be part of the (six-) pack with a beer can costume. But remember- the only tasty beverage your pets should have is water.

Crisp, cool, refreshing…Bark Lite


No matter what your pet wears, think safety first. Here are a few quick guidelines for pet costumes.

  • Don’t force a costume on a nervous pet. Nervous pets will already experience stress from visitors knocking at the door that night, and costumes only heightens their stress level.
  • Choose a costume that is loose-fitting enough to allow ample breathing room.
  • Avoid costumes that constrict your pet’s ability to walk.
  • Stay away from costumes with hanging pieces or small parts that your pet might chew off and swallow.

And, of course, treats on Halloween should be given only to humans. No chocolate or sugar-free candies for your four-legged friends!

Happy Halloween from the pets and people at the APA!


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