Thefts at Home Depot, Target


Derrick Sanders Jr., 21, of St. Louis, was charged with stealing various items from the Brentwood Home Depot.

On Oct. 10, Sanders put various items of merchandise in a shopping cart at Home Depot and hid some items in his clothing and walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay, according to court and police records. Sanders and a female companion drove away in a gold SUV with no license plates. They were stopped shortly after that in the parking lot of the nearby Lowe’s store in Maplewood. Sanders was arrested inside Lowe’s and the stolen goods were recovered from the SUV. Sanders confessed to the theft.

Also in Brentwood, at the Target store on Sept. 7, Benjamin Thompson, 34, of St. Louis, took the tags off clothing and a backpack, put the clothing in the backpack, then walked out of the store without paying, according to court and police records. He was stopped outside the store and the stolen merchandise was recovered. He confessed to the theft. Thompson was previsously found guilty of stealing in November 2014 and December 2012.