Toohey on ECDC, parks, bridges, Manchester Road

Patrick Toohey CPA, and Ward IV alderman today announced his candidacy for the office of Mayor for the City of Brentwood, MO.

Brentwood mayoral candidate Patrick Toohey met with 40 South News Sunday at Saint Louis Bread Co. to talk about the issues. He covered three main topics, then a few others, including some that residents had mentioned on a Brentwood Facebook group.

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Toohey voted to close the Brentwood’s emergency dispatch center and switch to the shared East Central dispatch. A resident asked why he voted against the will of many residents on the issue.

Toohey said every decision is independent, and he’d listen to residential concerns, but made a distinction in the type of decisions.

“Is it more technical or is it more directional?” he said. “If I have experts that the city pays, which I consider more technical, telling me that’s the best decision, I’ll lean more that direction. But if it’s more city-oriented, for instance if money should go to parks or streets, I’ll listen to residents.”

He said a dog park and a skateboard park would be a great asset, it’s just an issue where they would go.

He said a pedestrian bridge over Manchester Road or Bentwood Boulevard can take up quite a bit of space, which could include removing houses. “It could be a great amenity to be connected to miles of trails, but it’s just a question of how it could be built,” he said.

He said there is great potential for the Manchester corridor, but the flooding issue needs to be resolved. He said an idea that’s been suggested is to lower the park areas so they become flood plains, which would keep the water off Manchester.

Toohey said the condition of Brentwood Boulevard isn’t the city’s call because it’s maintained by the county, but he’d open a dialog.

So far, Toohey is the only one to file to run for mayor. The deadline is the end of the day, Jan. 20.


  1. Maureen would be perfect for Brentwood mayor. In this thread alone she’s called people brain dead, unfocused, unworthy, gutless, idiot, coward, ugly…perfect leadership skills. Can you imagine her running a BofA meeting? We have a motion from that idiot Ald. Leahy, seconded by the moron Ald. Roberts, roll call please you fu#&$ pansy.

    • Doug, thank you AGAIN for posting this. My truest empathy goes to candidate Toohey whose message is easily lost by (usually the same) respondents. I have learned from you I do not need the last word, and off-topic posts are generally, badly thought out. That being said, I would like to hear more from candidate Toohey on fiscal conservancy, the City-County merge proposal, giving B’wd back its EMS dispatch system, and what he can bring to the Mayoral position to get ‘cat-fights’ out of the administration and BOA.

  2. Several new aldermanic candidates cited the dysfunction of the BOA and Administration, and ‘good ole boys’ of ‘step and fetch it’ voting just as the mayor tells them to vote. I would like to know what specifically would candidate Toohey bring to the table to improve the hostile climate we are all so familiar with?

    • Well now, what’s this “step and fetch it” voting you reference? Is this the same as the ” “shoe foot shuffle” remarks that come from you? If you know so much what the people want, why don’t you file for Mayor or BOA. You always reference “LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE”. The only hostility these days seems to come from you. If Brentwood is so bad, one suggestion is for you to pack up and move to some community that better suites your needs, wants or desires.

    • Maureen, I think a lot of it will come down to showing respect and consideration towards others that have opposing views. Just because two people have opposing views doesn’t mean they have to make it personal. I try to keep my comments on issues before the board to the facts relevant to the topic and not about personal attacks. The role of the Mayor has the most influence over tone of the meetings and needs to set this standard. I will run meetings by giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions, then call for the vote, let the votes fall where they may and then move on to the next topic.

      • Ald/candidate Toohey, I really appreciate the quality of your response. It is what I was hoping to hear.

        • More accurately, let me remove myself from the issue and say your response is very productive in administrative terms.

          • Wheat, the comments had nothing to do with your “Question”, it is a fair one, but rather with your choice of words “Step and Fetch”. In case your not aware these terms have racial and bigotry overtones. Your other choice of words, gutless, idiotic and cowards are, I must assume a reaction from a person that must led a dull, unfulfilling existence.

            Mr. Toohey is a class act. At least he has the courage to seek elective office be it Alderman or Mayor to effect change unlike you who prefer to sit behind a computer and be so judgmental on everyone and anything you don’t agree with.

            Obviously you have time on your hands. Why don’t you seek elective office so you can help in the quest for better government as you see it. That is my question to you.

          • R…give it up. Gutless, idiot, coward all define “R” as a name–but we do agree the Ald. Toohey is a class act.

            Your knowledge of how to be a racist is superior to mine, as step n’ fetch it applies to a functionary flunky, not a race. It is more telling that you subjectively interpret it racially…how ugly of you.

          • R–as the low-light poster you are proving to be, I will not respond to whatever idiocy wafts from between your ears and finds it’s way to a post. You are unfocused and unworthy of responses. Stay on task. NOW, have a good day

          • Wheat, you are simply amassing, why won’t you answer my question? I guess your intellectual self-worth won’t allow you to answer. It is now clear that you a member of the leftist ranks and just rendered yourself irrelevant. Please stop committing intellectual fraud as your record is devoid of any accomplishments. And speaking of minds, your’s is as closed as non shucked oyster. Just another example of an individual that can’t compete in the arena of ideas except to call people names and then run away and hide.

  3. Having learned by on-going negative experiences with ECDC, them not staffing at the agreed upon levels, unprofessional dispatchers who really don’t care–and as I understand, the only Brentwood dispatcher hired for ECDC quit as the environment was so unprofessional, do you regret not listening to the people? This is about as high a priority as our link to emergency assistance–and that seem to be more about people than technology. If you were mayor, would you be open to re-establishing the in-house department that was a million times more secure?

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