Townhomes planned for Dale Avenue


The Richmond Heights Plan and Zoning Commission is set to hear comments at its meeting on Thursday, Sept. 20 for a development of townhomes on Dale Avenue.

According to the agenda Rothmark LLC is asking permission to build eight single-family townhomes at 7715-7729 Dale Avenue. The development would be on what is now an empty lot and two existing residential structures west of the lot.

The commission will also hear comments on:

The Phillips 66 gas station at 2200 S. Big Bend is requesting a permit to sell packaged liquor.

Phase 2 of The Boulevard Development is asking to increase the building height and to change the facade, and to increase the residential square footage and number of living units.

St. Mary’s Hospital is seeking a reduction in a planned expansion of its emergency room department, to eliminate one floor.

See the full Sept. 20 meeting agenda.

At Dale and Boland, developer Joseph Cyr had approval from the city for an apartment complex there in 2016. The city is still waiting for construction to begin.



  1. What in the world is going on with the Boland Place Development? Does anyone know? I’m tired of staring out my front door into a mosquito breeding pond. I thought the City Council demanded they start construction or level the field and turn it into a greenspace until something happens…I’m all for development, but at some point someone needs to do something!

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