Will VP Fair fireworks be visible from Ryan Hummert this year?

Last year's VP Fair fireworks seen from Ryan Hummert Park.

The VP Fair 2014 will be at Forest Park this year instead of the Gateway Arch grounds. For folks who watch the fireworks from Ryan Hummert Park the venue change begs the question: will they still be visible from Ryan Hummert?

A shot of a Google map shows that from Ryan Hummert Park, Forest Park is slightly to the north of the view of the Arch, so instead of looking through the clearing, the trees to the north (or left, as you look east) are higher. Of course Forest Park is closer…

For anyone willing to try it out, the fireworks are scheduled for July 3 at 10:05 p.m. and July 4 and 5 at 10 p.m.

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Any other ideas for watching, other than fighting the crowds at Forest Park?

Update: The VP Fair fireworks, this year at Forest Park, are not visible from Ryan Hummert Park. Thursday night booms were heard and smoke from the fireworks were visible, but unfortunately, no fireworks.

On 40 South News Facebook a few said that the athletic field at St. Luke, in Richmond Heights, on Dale and Bellevue was a good spot.

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 9.51.57 AM
The view toward Forest Park is to the north of the view to the Arch.
Last year's VP Fair fireworks seen from Ryan Hummert Park.
Last year’s VP Fair fireworks seen from Ryan Hummert Park.


  1. No fireworks from Ryan Hummert – the article has been updated. St. Luke, in Richmond Heights, has been suggested.

    • So… we could actually see quite a few of the “official” fireworks from Forest Park, and there were TONS of other fireworks to be seen. Not sure where these other locations were, some seemed like they were on The Hill? I think also some were from after the ball game. I was glad to see a good sized gathering of adults & also kids running around. Very nice evening. Love Ryan Hummert park! It was not disappointing. (I admit, I like low key anyway)


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