Red and Black Brass Band

A parade, great music and dancing in the streets

Now that’s a way to welcome in the first day of fall.. Returning from a trip to the store with my family, we noticed some stilt walkers and a gathering of people near Flora & Manchester.   We turned around to investigate, only to be pleasantly surprised by some fantastic local talent making a traveling drop-in appearance throughout the streets of Maplewood. We were welcomed by the #RedandBlackBrassBand, a fun and New Orleans-y group native to Saint Louis.  The group got started at the beginning of Pandemic, about 7 months ago and has been bringing joy to neighborhoods across St Louis. Not only do they have fun rhythm and instrumental pieces, but they also mix in some great vocals that makes you want to tap your feet, claps your hands or get up and dance. They were accompanied by the #RainbowStiltWalkers adding some fun New Orleans flair to band and the music as the parade traveled down the street.

Boardwalk Waffles New Location

Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream begins build for new location

On Wednesday, Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream began putting up signs for their new location at the corner of Sutton.  Eric of Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream said they will start offering delivery next week, but currently they are offering curb-side pick-up. Other local businesses such as Boogaloo took some time this week to work on interior renovations.  It’s good to know that even while we’re all struggling through these tough times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – and that area businesses are preparing to open for business when things clear up. Boardwalk Waffles owner Eric Moore posted these photos on Facebook.

Strassner Bridge Construction

If you go to the mid county YMCA coming from Maplewood or Richmond Heights, you likely take Strassner (which is now closed at the Hanley Industrial Ct) due to bridge condestruction at Black Creek next to Memorial Park.You can get thru by driving down Hanley Industrial Court to Brentwood Promenade and taking Rose Ave (exit sstreet next to 5 and Below, that comes out at Brentwood Blvd). Other aalternative routes would include Manchester or taking highway 40 to Brentwood Blvd.Update: Talked with one of the construaction workers and they said th bridge should be open sometime Friday if all goes according to plan.

Computer & IT Security

Internet of Things & Security

What is the “Internet of Things” and why should it be important to me? Many of you may have heard of the term “Internet of Things”, but may not be sure exactly what it refers to.  The last 20 or so years have seen a massive boom in advances in technology, specifically many consumer devices that connect to the web, from nanny cams to wireless doorbells, smart speakers (such as Alexa and Google Home), and Internet connected thermostats, among many others. It is estimated that there will be 20.4 BILLION IoT Devices by the year 2020, and that every second another 127 devices are connected to the Internet.  This doesn’t even include the estimated 2.87 billion smartphone users that would be online by the same year.  Originally it was just computers that would connect to the Internet – but now we live in an Internet of Things or IoT era. So now that we are in a world where today’s children wouldn’t even understand NOT having the Internet, most kids know more than their parents – and many elementary schools now have smartphones
So what does my smart fridge, nanny cam or WIFI light-bulb
have to do with security and why is it important?? With advances in technology, it’s not uncommon for people to get a new computer every 5 years, or a new smart phone every 2-3 years – and new “smart” home devices or other IoT devices are being made each day.  While the United State has a number of safeguards in place to protect our privacy, and the handling or data, etc.

Chess Tournament

MRH Hosts 2nd Annual Gateway Chess Tournament

MRH will be hosting it’s 2nd Annual Fall Gateway Chess Tournament this Saturday! Last year’s tournament brought over 30 schools to Maplewood, and over 300 student + faculty.   Volunteers are needed to help setup tables and chairs Friday (5 – 7 p.m.), if you can help please show up at the high school cafeteria around 5pm or shortly after, though we will always welcome help a little later if you can’t make until after 5:30 or so. This is a great way to show off our district and community – let’s pull off another successful tournament this year! More information on the fall tournament, this Saturday, November 4th can be found at



Blue Devils Girls Softball moves into 1st place!

The Maplewood Blue Devils Girls Softball (5th – 7th grade team), has dominated — winning their last game 27-5.  The team has won their last six games in a row, and has now pulled into first place in the Webster Softball league. Go Blue Devils! Have local sports news?  Send us your information – we would love to hear from you.

MRH Blue Devils Softball brings home 2 wins!

The MRH Blue Devils girls softball team brought home 2 wins  in their last double-header game of fall ball, playing in the Afton Athletic league. They played a double-header, winning the first game 22 – 17, and the second game was close to a shutout, winning 19 – 4. They played a great fall season (fall ball was a new thing this year), playing in the very competitive Affton league. We’re got a great group of girls who are die-hard about the sport! Do you have kids playing sports in MRH School District or in Brentwood?  I’d love to get more local sports news posted here on 40 South.

Serve 2015

Lawn Party! Free food & entertainment!

Join us this Saturday (September 12th) from 11am – 2pm at Maplewood United Methodist Church for our annual SERVE lawn party.  We are located at the corner of Sutton & Flora in Maplewood. Hotdogs, snowcones, a bouncy house for the kids and more!  Join us for the lawn part from 11am – 2pm on Saturday.  All are welcome!

MRH Blue Devils softball dominates!

The MRH Blue Devils Girls Softball team (4th – 6th grade) brought home another win on Sunday, winning 21-7, continuing their winning streak! Last year the team tied for 1st place, and is on track for another great season. Support local sports in Maplewood!  For more information on youth sports in Maplewood, visit MRH Youth Sports.

Holiday Happenin’ Craft Fair Saturday

Come one and all and join us for our first HOLIDAY HAPPENIN’ CRAFT FAIR tomorrow.  There will hundreds of items, handmade crafts of all types (great for Christmas & Holiday gifts), baked goods (perfect for eating now or freezing for Thanksgiving), a quilt silent auction and much more! The event runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Maplewood United Methodist Church, at the corner of Flora and Sutton (7409 Sutton Ave Maplewood, MO 63143). We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Maplewood United Methodist Church celebrates SERVE 2014 this Saturday!

Maplewood United Methodist Church will be participating in the national day of service along with other United Methodist Congregations this fall. On the morning of September 13th  MUMC will have several hands on mission opportunities:

Preparing meals for Shalom House, a women’s safe house
Bagging beans and rice for folks who need a nutritious meal
Volunteering at L’Arche Community on a variety of projects
Doing needed home repairs in Maplewood
Signing up to help with the Mosaic Services 5K Run on September 20
Helping with our Second Time Around Shop which will be open that day

MUMC will also host a lawn party during the day, providing a free lunch and fun activities. Folks in the community are invited to stop by for a free hot dog and snow cone from 11 a.m to 1 p.m.  Also our “Second Hand Shop” will be open from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

MRH Middle School student bring in a ton of food for WOW

MRH Middle School students bring in carload of food for Weekend on Wheels

Maplewood United Methodist Church (MUMC) hosted a back to school dance party for area middle school students on Saturday, August 16th.  Admission was free, but students were asked to donate cash or non-perishable food items to Weekend on Wheels (WOW), a food program operated by students and faculty at the Maplewood Richmond Heights High School. On weekends, WOW sends nutritious food to the homes of children in the school district with a need.  MUMC was thrilled by the generous giving from the more than 40 students and families that attended the dance. 

Not only did this group donate a carload of food, but they also donated more than $100 in cash!  Their efforts will go a long way in helping get the shelves at the WOW re-stocked for the new school year. 

In addition to thanking the students who attended, MUMC would like express their gratitude to Get Happy Productions and the Green Family for donating the DJ services, lights and music for the dance!  

Calling all Superheroes!

Calling all Superheroes!

Over the past month we’ve been discussing Superheroes in our community, and how everyone can be a Super Hero in the life of faith. SUPERHEROES UNITE FOR YOUR MOST IMPORTANT MISSION YET! This coming Sunday (August 24th, 2014) is Rally Sunday at Maplewood United Methodist Church. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help celebrate RALLY SUNDAY–our opening celebration for fall Sunday school groups for children and youth. We’ve noticed your skills and called YOU into action!  Come and discover your inner Super Hero!

MRH Farmers Market rivaled many in town

Last week Seed-to-Table teachers, Chef Almut Marino (ECC), Melissa Breed-Parks (Middle School) and her students, and High School Chef Robert Rusan and his Teen Cusine Team collaborated with the students of the Maplewood ECC make a wonderful and professional Farmers Market. The weather was sunny and students sold everything from flower bouquets and herbs, to tomato plants, kale and other vegtables.Live music was provided by Mr. Pentecost and spring and summer themed arts and crafts were also sold, (including laminate flower bookmarks, beautiful stepping stones for your garden, and other items), and popcorn and lemonade was available as well.  

I was amazed and how professional and knowledgable all of the students were about all the herbs and vegtables they were selling. The same day Maplewood was also involved in setting a new Guiness World record on Friday, for the most participants in a cooking lession in a 24-hour period (mulitple venues). Both events were part of a world-wide celebration of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day (this is their 3rd year participating).

Girls Scouts - April Showers

Girls Scouts – April Showers

Thank you to all in the community who donated personal care items for Girls Scouts April Showers.  If your bag of donated items got missed or you forgot to fill it you may drop off your bag at any Dierbergs in St. Louis (for a list of available Dierbergs stores and drop-off dates click here). We would also like to thank Immaculate Conception Parish for donating their gym as a central drop-off point for girl scouts collecting in the area.

A Big Thank you to all the MRH Teachers & Staff!

As we enjoy this lovely weather today – I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the teachers and staff that have put themselves out every morning of this long winter to help get our kids safely inside – whether it be directing traffic, putting down salt, driving buses or helping students inside. Though the winter has taken a toll on everyone – many teachers and staff have been up bright and early standing out in the cold to help our kids.  Thank you!

Maplewood Girl Scouts host Cookie Booth at J&E Office City/CAT Computers

Our local Maplewood Girl Scouts will be hosting a cookie booth at 7326 Manchester across from Shop and Save.  If you missed ordering your Girl Scout cookies – or just need to order more (for yourself or your business).. join the Girl Scouts of Maplewood at CAT Computers / J & E Office City this Saturday. The cookie booth will run from 12pm – 4pm or until the girls run out of cookies.